Battle of Koehler Square

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Battle of Koehler Square
Anti-Kapresh terrorists fleeing from Koehler Square.png
Three of the four terrorists attempting to retreat from Koehler Square during the battle
Date16 April 2021
Result Kapresh victory
Kapreburg Empire of Kapreburg Noflag.png Unorganized Anti-Kapresh terrorists
Commanders and leaders
Kapreburg Jackson I
Kapreburg Matthew Hughes
Noflag.png Unidentified terrorist, nicknamed "the golf ball bandit"
3 4

The Battle of Koehler Square was a battle that occured on 16 April 2021 and lasted around 30 minutes. It was started by an anti-Kapresh terrorist nicknamed "the golf ball bandit" stealing property of Jackson I.


A couple of weeks previous to the battle, Jackson I and Matthew Hughes were together in Koehler Square. It was here someone stole two golf balls that Hughes owned. The thief was on scooter and Jackson and Hughes were just on feet. They both attempted to chase down the thief, but the thief surrendered the golf balls after threats of violence. This earned him the nickname of the "golf ball bandit". On 16 April 2021 Jackson and Hughes along with another Kapresh sailor were in Koehler Square together. It was here that they met the golf ball bandit again. While Jackson I wasn't looking, the golf ball bandit grabbed a powerade bottle in the possesion of Jackson.


After the golf ball bandit had stolen Jackson's bottle, both Jackson and Hughes began chasing after him. Despite this, the bandit was riding a scooter again and they could not catch up. Hughes and Jackson then stood back and shouted warnings for the bandit not to come back to the area. After a couple of minutes, the golf ball bandit was spotted at the park again. Here was when fighting first began. Hughes had pushed the bandit towards Jackson and Jackson had pushed him back towards Hughes. During this, Hughes physically restrained the bandit and began demanding the bottle back, the bandit informed them that the bottle was at his house. Hughes, who did not believe him kept accusing him of lying and asking where it was, in the confusion Kapresh sailor Kenny Mahl attempted to hop onto the bandit's scooter and ride off with it. The bandit caught up with Mahl and took the scooter back. The bandit then also said he'd bring the bottle back. Yet another few minutes later, the bandit had returned. Jackson, Hughes, and Mahl were located in the park area of Koehler Square, and the bandit was on the other side. He could be seen holding the bottle and offered it. Jackson told the bandit to come over to the park area to give it back. The bandit refused and left. After this, Jackson, Hughes, and Mahl began watching out for the bandit on the street he left on. At 4:13 PM CDT they had seen three other men come down the street on bicycles with the bottle. They dropped it on the street and rode away. Jackson went and grabbed the bottle but Mahl attempted to chase after them. At 4:22 PM, Jackson, Hughes, and Mahl had attempted to look out for the terrorists yet again, but a couple of minutes later they had seen the four on the other side of the park. Hughes and Jackson immediately began attempting to block both trails in the park they could go through. This was to no avail, and at the park they had noticed that the golf ball bandit had left. They began trying to look for the bandit, and had seen him fleeing down Kapreburg Route 5 at 4:25 PM, and attempted to chase after them. The golf ball bandit had completely left, but the other three terrorists had stayed behind. The three terrorists attempted to act friendly with the Kapresh forces, but had just been sending the golf ball bandit information on their location. Eventually the Kapresh forces spotted the golf ball bandit going down a street and making a left turn, after this the three terrorists told the Kapresh forces that the bandit's home was down that street, as the Kapresh forces planned to go to the bandit's home, but the Kapresh forces had realized this was just them attempting to put the three in a vulnerable position to make it easier to ambush them. After this fighting ceased for the most part, and Jackson, Hughes, and Mahl had returned to Koehler Square at 4:34 PM. Later in the day at 6:17 PM, the terrorists were spotted again, and Jackson, Hughes, and Mahl had thought about resuming the battle but decided against it.