Austin Island

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Flag of autin island.svg
Kingdom of Austin Island
Governmnent Elective Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch Austin Young
Vice Monarch Ed Boyd
Legislature Austin Island Assembly of people
Capital and largest city Capital City
Currency Austin Island Unit
Population 3,575(2020 census)
Time Zone UTC-5:00 (Austin Island Standard Time)
Calling Code +1 area codes(387,684,784,978)
Drives on The Right
Area 406 mi2(1,052km2)
Density 8.8/mi2 (3.4/ km2)

Austin Island is an imaginary micronation located in North America off the coast of Canada. Austin island is made up of 13 municipalities (10 towns,2 villages, and a city. Austin island is well known for its countryside and the little charm of a micronation of 3,600 people. the capital of Austin island is capital city if Austin island was a nation capital city would be the 4th smallest capital city in the world.


Austin island has had some diverse history since its foundation. Austin island was founded on December,6th,2019 as the namesake of the monarch. another historical event that happened was on December,9th,2019 when the first piece of legislation was passed which is known as the Austin island standardization act was passed into law. then on march,12th,2020 Austin islanders lives were changed for good when the coronavirus pandemic hit Austin island. this is known as black Thursday in Austin island and it changed the way that people thought about safety. on June, 2nd, 2020 the monarch dissolved congress and took absolute constitutional power. then the speaker of the house of delegates gave the monarch 72 hours to write up a brand new constitution. on June,17th Austin islanders got to go to the polls for the 1st time ever. this was a very historical election to elect the monarch.

Government and politics

Austin island is an elective constitutional monarchy, the head of state is the monarch. the monarch of austin island is not a hereditary role. the monarch is elected to a three year term by the unicameral assembly of people in which he or she can renew twice. male monarchs are called kings and female monarchs are called queens. the monarch has a vice monarch who also serves along side the monarch. austin island has a unicameral parliament called the assembly of people. the assembly of people have 3,620 people which means that everyone represents them selves. austin island is diffrent from the average kingdom. the monarch will be elected in 2023 using the austin island primary system in which there is a non partisian primary. if no candidate gets a majority of the assemblys support then the top two candidates advance to the general election runoff three weeks later. the assembly of people is led by a speaker who is elected in two rounds by the assembly of people.


According to the annual Austin island census Austin island has a population of 3,575 people and covers an area of 406 mi2 the population density of Austin island is 8.8 people per mile2. there is one city over 1,000 people two cities that have a population of more than 500 people and 7 cities that have a population of more than 100 people and 3 cities that have a population of less than 100

Municipality Population
Capital City 1,605
Nunavut Town 530
Crater 512
Crander 316
Bridge bay 192

The Top 5 populus municipalites have a combined population of 89% of the population


Date Holiday
Jan 1 New Years Day
Jan 15 MLK Day
Feb 14 Valentines Day
Feb 29 Leap day (once every four years)
Mar 17 St patricks day
Last Sunday in March to Third sunday in april Easter
March 27 Coronavirus remembrance day
April 15 Tax Day
April 20 marijuana day
Last Monday in may memorial day
June 14 Flag day
June 19 Juneteenth
July 4 4th of july
3rd wednesday and Thursday in june

last wednesday and thursday in july||Election day