Governor of Austin Island

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Governor Of The Republic of Austin Island
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Austin Young

since November,15th,2020
StyleMr/Mrs.governor, His/Her Honor, His/Her Exellency
TypeHead of state, Head of government
Member ofCabinet, Elections Commission, domestic policy council, zoonotic disease council
ResidenceRainbow Palace
SeatCapital City
NominatorPolitical Parties
Term length3 years, renewable twice
Constituting instrumentAustin Island Constitution
PrecursorMonarch of Austin Island
First holderAustin Young
SuccessionLiutennant governor
Unofficial namesCommander in Chief
DeputyLiutennant Governor
SalaryU1,050 per day (excluding taxes)

The Governor of Austin Island is the executive head of state and government of austin island. The governor leads the executive branch of the austin island government The powers of the governor are to sign/veto laws,sign executive order and to be the commander in chief of the austin island millitary. the governor is supposed to work with the national assembly to pass any legislation. the governor of austin island and the liutennant governor are elected every three years by the eligible electorate, the nominee who is nominated by the parties using a dice roll system will represnt that party as their nominee for governor. the next election for the governor of austin island is on October,3rd and October,24th,2020. the governor of austin island gets paid a salary of 1,050 units per day for a salary of 383,250 units a year or $240,000 a year


The history of the position of the governor of austin island goes back to August,2nd when Monarch Austin Young was taking questions from the reporters. and they were asking what would become of the kingdom. some thought that the corruption scandal would be the end of the kingdom and it was the end ofthe kingdom of austin island. the assembly of people passed a resouloution to dissolve the kingdom immediately. on August,30th,2020 austin young abdicated as monarch of austin island. beacuse most countries use the title president for their head of state austin island decided to use the title governor. which is a term for a non elected liasion in united kingdom territories, an elected head of state of a subnational region in the united states, russia, and brazil

Role and Duties

The roles and duties of the governor of austin island are to lead the executive branch of austin island, to be the commander in chief for the Austin island millitary, to sign/Veto laws. the governor also has the power to sign an executive order as well. The governor must provide a supreme court justice if there is a vacancy

Oath of office

I (name) do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office of governor of Austin island and will to the best of my ability to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of austin island so help me god. the oath of office of governor is a sacred oath of office being that the governor is the head of state of austin island. the governor takes the oath of office infront of the speaker of the national assembly and the entire national assembly. the oath is similar to the oath of the united states but modified. the speaker of the national assembly recites the oath to the governor and liuetennant governor with their spouse or partner holding the bible.

impeachment and removal of office

if the governor is abusing his constitutional powers the national assembly can set up an impeachment trial for the governor. the governor can be impeached and removed by 2/3 of the national assembly. and is barred from running for public office for six years. but cannot serve as governor beacuse they are automatically disqualified after an impeachment and conviction.

gubernatorial line of succession

1.Liutennant governor (ed boyd)

2.speaker of the national assembly(laura dickinson)


The salary of the governor of austin island is 1,050 units per day (675 united states dollars). the governor of austin island gets paid more than three times national assembly memebers which is 100,000 units a year. but all people who hold a political office in austin island must pay income tax including the governor and the liutennent governor. the governor is the highest paid politican in austin island with the speaker of the house and the liutennant governor in second and third places