Austenasian Ambassador to Thailand

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Ambassador of the Empire of Austenasia to Thailand
Coa of Austenasia.png
Coat of arms of the Empire
H.E. Sirikanlaya Yoskrai

since 12 February 2018
StyleHis/Her Excellency
AppointerThe Monarch, Prime Minister or Chief Ambassador
Formation20 January 2015

The Austenasian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand is the official diplomatic representative of the government of the Empire of Austenasia to that of Thailand.

The Empire of Austenasia first officially recognised Thailand as a sovereign state on 27 December 2008 with the passage of Act 37 (Recognition of other States). As Austenasian recognition of Thailand is not currently reciprocated, the position of Ambassador is - at present - unaccredited, and serves a primarily ceremonial role.

On 20 January 2015, Ekkachat Phoim was appointed the Empire's first Ambassador to Thailand. After losing contact with the imperial government, Phoim was replaced on 12 February 2018 with the incumbent Ambassador, Sirikanlaya Yoskrai.