Army of the Holy Canadian Empire

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Army of the Holy Canadian Empire
Exercitus Imperii (Latin)
Reichsarmee (German)
Country Holy Canadian Empire
AllegianceImperial Diet
SizeFull mobilization of 15 infantry
Part ofArmed Forces of the Holy Canadian Empire
HeadquartersArchduchy of Glacia
ColorsGold, Red, White
Anniversaries18 June
Funding5% (2021)
Imperial CommanderMaximilan Weber

The Army of the Holy Canadian Empire, or Reichsarmee, was the land based military branch of the HCE. It was not a permanent standing army in the typical sense, but rather one that was mustered from among the various states constituting the empire in order to provide a mutual system of defense when needed. It's purpose was purely for providing safety and security for the empire since the HCE rejected any notion of micronational warfare. It must not be confused with the Imperial Army of the Holy Canadian Emperor.



The Army of the Holy Canadian Empire could be mobilized in two specific situations; the first of which being a Reichskrieg or "Imperial War" to defend the collective states of the HCE against a foreign enemy nation. This could only be done with the full consent of the Imperial Diet, and could only defend the entire empire as a whole as opposed to individual states. The second situational reason for mobilization occurred during a Reichsexekution, which was an internal investigation against an Imperial Estate seen to be in violation of the empire's laws or found guilty of insubordination by the Imperial Chamber Court. In this case, military action could be used against the Imperial Estate if it was too powerful to be subdued by the Imperial Circle to which it belonged.