Armed forces of Cheslovia

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Kaznian Defence Initiative (KDI)
(Cheslovian) Чесловискаи Виикаювас Разăбнўўсти (ЧВР)
Motto:(Cheslovian): За Ŏмўзўл Някаквихора!
(English) For Home Country!
Active: 26 October 2007
Military march: Proshaniye Slavyanki (composed by the Red Army Choir)
Military step The Goosestep
Past major conflicts: Somplenese-Molossian War,
The Izkar War of Independence,
The Spring Rebellion
Current conflicts: None
Sub Service: Volunteer Defence League (VDL), Kaznian Militia Force
Supreme Commander of the KDI: Urosh Dushanov
Minister of Defence: Boris Groznayev
General Information:
Headquarters: Musorov
Active Personnel: 10 enlisted, 20 conscripts
Reserve Personnel: 6 conscripts
Current deployed personnel: None
Standard weapon: Kalash rifle

The KDI (Kaznian Defence Initiative) (Cheslovian: Чесловискаи Виикаювас Разăбнўўсти, ЧВР, Tzsesloviskai Viikayuvas Razábnűűsti, TszVR/TVR) is the modern successor of the "Kaznian Military". The KDI was formed in October 2007 during the Great Revolution, however since the nation was reformed into Cheslovia, the name has not changed, possibly due to the keeping of traditional names.

During 20 June 2009, it was decided to revive the old tradition of the "Patriotic Parade Day", a national holiday which was used during the Kaznian Empire which involved a military parade and other celebrations, however the modern Patriotic Parade Day will be known as "Patriot Day" and will be held on November 1, the same day as the original Patriotic Parade Day.

The flag of the KDI, designed during early 2008


The KDI has many subdivisions:

  • The KDI Army - The KDI Army is responsible for the general protection of the nations and also is used for attacks out side Cheslovia. They are trained in guerrilla warfare and on familiar terrain. Troops of the KDI Army may be conscripted.
  • The KDI Navy - The KDI Navy is used to patrol the rivers of Cheslovia, however this is only done during severe war time. There is currently only two boats officially used for the KDI Navy, the CFS Arapeysk, a canal boat (also known as a narrow boat) based near the area of the English city of Milton Keynes and CFS Karashevak, a small boat stationed at the Mountainous Republic of Gakra.
  • KDI Air Force - The KDI Air Force still in planing process, resources to manufacture the old imperial Kaznian "Kirov Blimp" are being procured.
  • KDI Mechanised Infantry - The KDI Mechanised Infantry use vehicles to scout terrain for enemies or are used as a form of fast attack.
  • KDI Border Guards - The KDI Border Guards are used mainly around the Musorov Kremlin and Transylvakia area, but have operated in various other places in Cheslovia. They are used to search for suspicious activity (such as criminal activity) to report to British law enforcement.
  • Kaznian Rocket Defence Systems - The KRDS was established in January 2008. Much information is classified.
  • Volunteer Defence League - The VDL are called upon on the eve of war, volunteers need only sign their name to participate in defending the nation. Although they fight along side the KDI, they do not receive training of any form.
  • Kaznian Militia Force - The Kaznian Militia Force is very similar to the VDL, but rather than every one volunteering, some may have been conscripted to join. The Militia Force also have very poor weapons, and no training, they are not given any Splinter Rifles, and must find their own weapons. The Militia Force is usually deployed during the most desperate of times.
  • KDI Presidential Guards - The KDI Presidential Guards were formed on the 28th May 2009, and are responsible for the protection (if necessary) of the President and Prime Minister of Cheslovia. Guards are randomly selected each month from the KDI Army for a term of one month before another group of guards are selected.

Other KDI subdivisions

  • KDI Cadets - The Cadets are not a fighting force but rather a type of "boy scouts" group. People in their teens may sign up to the Cadets to see what training of the actual KDI is like, as they progress through training, they may be taught how to fire a splinter rifle.

Technology and equipment

The KDI manufactures "Splinter Guns", which have two settings: lethal and shock. Recently a quick reloading Splinter Gun was manufactures in Serov, Stettin. A variety of other equipment is used, some manufactured in other countries, such as Britain and other European countries, and some is manufactured in Cheslovia. Recently, whilst viewing the Cheslovian National Archives, the KDI are studying schematics and blue prints the were created during the Kaznian Empire, most plans are currently top secret, although some plans include a small "zeppelin" bomber, these plans were to be used in conflict against Chivaliers and The Clan, but many of them were never even built due to a shortage in resources. To this day even modern KDI equipment is kept secret.

Cooperation with BCSA

Although Malokaz has no army, the do have generals and military advisers. The Cheslovian KDI contribute to the KDI with its troops and equipment.

Ranks of the KDI

  1. Private/soldier - Soldat
  2. Corporal - Kapral
  3. Sergeant - Podpraporshchik
  4. Master Sergeant - Praporshchik
  5. Lieutenant - Poruchik
  6. Captain - Kapitan
  7. Major - Mayor
  8. Lietenant colonel - Padpolkovnik
  9. Colonel - Polkovnik
  10. Major General - General Mayor
  11. LieutenantGeneral - General Poruchik
  12. General - General
  13. General of the Army - General Armii
  14. General of the KDI - General KDI

Note, "Supreme Commander of the KDI" is not a rank.


Since the days of Russland in early 2006, the concept of a uniform has played a major and succesful role in promoting pride and dicepline in the KDI Army, it is as much a symbol to the KDI as a flag would be as it shows the national military tradition and culture of the nation. The uniform of the KDI Army is perhaps the most distinctive uniform in all the KDI, it has remained largly unchanged since the late days of the Principality of Kaznia in 2007, it is based on the Imperial Russian uniform of the First World War. Although other uniform do exist in the KDI, the KDI Army uniform is used by many other branches of the KDI due to its durability, warmth, moderate camoflage and simplicity.

During the time of the Kaznian Empire, military uniform was largly based on "smartness" instead of camoflage, and was based on the Imperial Russian uniforms seen during the Napoleonic Wars.