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The goose-step is a special form of military step which is usually demonstrated in solemn military parades and passes in review of closed units. The marching troops swing their legs from a vertical leg to a nearly horizontally-extending one, bringing it down with a loud simultaneous stepping noise and continuing the cycle in unison. It emerged from Prussian drilling regulation during the early 19th century, where it was known as Stechschritt (literally, '"piercing step") and Stechmarsch.

Micronations using the Goosestep

Micronations may use the goosestep as their official military march:

  • Cheslovian Federation: The Cheslovian Federations has been using the Goosestep as an official military step since the time of the Kaznian Empire, specifically, Cheslovian goosestepping looks like Russian goosestepping.

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