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Andrea Vigorito

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Andrea Vigorito
Seal of the Director
1st Director of the SIS
In office
5 May, 2010 - 10 October, 2010
President Alexander Eastwood
Successor David Ralby
Personal information
Born 6 November, 1993
La Spezia, Italy
Citizenship Republic of Atlantis
Nationality Italian
Political party Atlantis Conservative Party
Residence Poseidon
Military service
Allegiance Atlantis.flag.png Atlantis Armed Forces
Service/branch Atlantis Army
In service 2010 - 2011
Rank Colonel
Andrea Vigorito (6 November 1993 - alive) is an Atlantis citizen and a Major of the army. He's born in La Spezia in Italy and politically support the Federal Republican Party. He know four languages: Italian, English, French and German. For his knowledge of languages and for his high patriotism in May 2010 was chosen as Director of the M.I.S.A.