Altavian Soviet Republic

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Altavian Soviet Republic
Flag of Altavian Soviet Republic
Motto: Workers of the World, Unite!
Anthem: The Internationale
Official languagesEnglish, Greek, Russian
GovernmentConfederal Parliamentary Republic
• General Secretary
Sean Dunkerque
LegislatureNational Congress
Establishment17 December 2019
CurrencyAltavian Moneta (€)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United States
Windovian Commonwealth

The Second Altavian Soviet Republic (/ɑlˈteɪːviə/), or just Altavia is a republic in the USA which was established on 17 December 2019, and whose Constitution was ratified 30 December that same year.


From December 18 to December 30, 2019, there was a civil war in Altavia. After the Kingdom of Altavia declared independence from the USA, The Altavian National Front, or the ANF, then declared independence from them, and the Altavian Monarchist Party, or the AMP, invaded their territory, seeing it as a threat to the nation. The ANF had been pushing the AMP back towards the capital, at the battles of Ebony Hill and Mount Cornerstone, but lost at the battle of St. Sonia. The ANF then invaded Maple Grove National Park, but were defeated at the battle of Maple Grove. After the ANF loss at Bottleneck, the AMP were in striking distance of their capital. The AMP sieged the capital during the First Battle of Alexandria, but were pushed behind the Bottleneck. The AMP then crossed the Bottleneck at the battle of Camp Dhalada, which was an AMP victory. Then, at the Second Battle of Alexandria, the ANF surrendered, and the New Year's Convention in Alexandria, the AMP formed the Commonwealth of Altavia, and the ANF formed the National Republic of Alexandria.

On January 5, 2019, at 13:32 PST, the Commonwealth Armed Forces invaded the National Republic of Alexandria, terminating the sovereignty of the nation.

On January 6, another civil war started, and ended in a white peace between Altavia and Alexandria, now called Eliteus.

On January 20, Eliteus and Altavia (then known as Heletia, joined together in a personal union, and emperor Colin Hovheanes I became Emperor of Altavia, and Czar Lukas Hovheanes I became Chancellor.

Soon after, the Chancellor became tired of Micronationalism, so he disbanded the nation, but on April 21, 2020, revived it.

On 7 May 2020 Chancellor Nörvu renamed the country, and renamed Alexandria to Francaçao.


Altavian Civil War - Altavia vs Alexandria - December 18–30, 2019 - Win

Conquest of Alexandria - Altavian Occupation - January 5, 2020 - Win

January 6 War - Altavia vs Eliteus - January 6, 2020 - White Peace

Territorial Claims

Altavia claims territory in the city of Melbourne, Florida


General Secretary and People's Commisariet

The General Secretary is elected by the Parliament and is the head of state of the Nation, and they have the most power. The current Chairman is Sean Dunkerque, leader of the Altavian Communist Party. The General Secretary appoints members of the People's Commisariet, which acts like the cabinet.

Premier and Leader of the Opposition

The Premier is one of the leaders of the National Soviet, and are the Altavian equivalent of the Prime Minister, and replaces the Chancellor if they cannot serve. The Leader of the Opposition is the last leader of the National Soviet, and is the equivalent of the Leader of the Opposition.

State Minister and Opposition Minister

The State Minister is the government leader in the Presidium of the Republic, and the Opposition Minister is the opposition leader.

National Congress

Main Page: National Congress
The Parliament is the legislature of Altavia, and is made from the National Soviet and the Presidium of the Republic. The Soviet is elected through proportional representation (30% of the votes = 30% of the chairs). There are 10 chairs, and any party can take any amount of chairs. The Presidium is nominated by members of the Communal or Confederal Soviets. The President of the National Soviet oversees the National Soviet meetings, and the Vice General Secretary oversees the Presidium meetings.

Political Parties

There is currently only 1 political party. It is:


The Altavian Communist Party, (or the Liberal Democratic Party) is a Progressive, Anarcho-Communist, and Green Party, and is Left wing. Their motto is, "United we stand, Divided we fall." This is the state-founded party and lead by General Secretary Sean Dunkerque. Their ideals are Communist Democracy, Environmental Protection, and nonviolence.


Nation States with which we recognize

Principality of Sealand

Grand Republic of Cycoldia

Democratic Republic of Benjastan

Grand Duchy of Augustan

Empire of Aeternia

Republic of Molossia

Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Republic of Kosovo

Republic of China

Republic of Korea

Republic of Artsakh

Nation States we do not recognize

People's Republic of China

Democratic People's Republic of Korea


Altavian Government Services

Quick facts

Full name: Second Altavian Soviet Republic

Short name: Altavia

Chancellor: Sean Dunkerque (Altavian Communist Party)

Location: USA

Languages: English, Greek, Russian