Czardom of Heletia

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This nation has been replaced by the Commonwealth of Altavia.

The Czardom of Heletia (DEU: Kaiserreich von Heletia ; ČEŠ: Království Heletie) is a constitutional monarchy in the USA which was established on 23 January.

Czardom of Heletia
Flag of Heletia
Coat of Arms

"Corvus Oculum Corvi Non Eruit" (Latin)
"A crow will not pull out the eye of a crow" (English)
Chopin Nocturne in E flat Op. 9 No. 2
Capital cityAlexandria
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None at the federal level
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- CzarLukas Hovheanes I
- Prime MinisterNone
- Type - Unicameral Parliament
- Number of seats - 20
Established23 January 2020
Population1 (1st 2020 census)
CurrencyHelvetian Moneta (₺)
Time zoneUTC-8:00
National animalYorkshire Terrier


The nation was founded by Lukas Hovheanes in January when his last micronation, the Commonwealth of Altavia failed. He restarted by claiming the same lands as Altavia.



The Principality has 2 Provinces.


Flag Name Area Number of Districts Number of Cities Population Detail
Alexandria ? 3 0 1 The Royal family's palace in Alexandria and surroundings.
Stromza 2723ft2 2 0 0 The backyard of Czar Lukas' residence.


Name Territory Area Population
Miasto z Alexandria Alexandria ? 1
St. Sona Alexandria ? 0
Engpass Alexandria ? 0
Western Stromza Stromza ~1,261.5 ft2 0
Eastern Stromza Stromza ~1,261.5 ft2 0


  • Alexandria (capital)


There is currently 1 citizen of the Czardom.

To apply for citizenship, please contact the Czar at


Here's how the government works :

Title Function Current occupant(s)
Czar Head of State, makes laws with the Chancellor, international representative, has veto power over Parliament, appoints half of Parliament, runs the bank and immigration. Czar Lukas I
Chancellor Head of government, chooses the Ministers, makes laws leads Parliament meetings, international representative. vacant
National Deputy Acts as a "general Minister". vacant
Commander in chief head of the military vacant
Soldiers protectors of the nation vacant
Minister of Education takes care of any issue related to education vacant
Minister of Law takes care of any issue related to law vacant
Minister of the Court takes care of any issue related to the court vacant
Minister of Agriculture takes care of any issue related to agriculture vacant
Local Representatives take care of minor local issues (there is one representative per territory) vacant
Citizens elect the representatives anyone who applies for citizenship

Foreign Relations



All UN members, except the DPRK and PRC
Republic of China
Guaido-Administered Venezuela


The Czardom of Heletia recognises all friendly micronations. It is ranked 3 (Unrecognised Nation) on the Universal Nation Classification, and 6th-World on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini scale.


Nation Date of Alliance Alliance
IMETO Members 6 January, 2020 The Intermicronational Economic and Trade Organisation

The Principality is open to alliance of any kind.


National Holidays

Date Holiday
1 January New Year
3rd Monday of January Martin Luther King Jr Day
23 January Independence Day
24 April Arbor Day
Friday before Easter Good Friday
Easter Monday Easter
May 8 WWII Victory and Rememberance day
3 July Czar Day (Czar's Birthday)
9 October Leif Erikson Day
11 November Armistice Day
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas
26 December Boxing Day
31 December New Years Eve

"Czardom of Heletia" in other languages

  • Czech: Království Heletie
  • German: Kaiserreich von Heletia
  • Polish: Carstwo Heletia