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Alexandre R. Olivier
Congressional Majority Leader
Assumed office
3 July 2020 - present
President Raphaël Olivier I
Vice-President Raiponce Delaniche
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Incumbent
Governor of Salem
Assumed office
25 June 2020 - present
President Raphaël Olivier I
Vice-President Raiponce Delaniche
Predecessor Position Established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born September 20
Montreal, QC
Citizenship Democratic Republic of Georgienstine, Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Political party Georgienstine First
Other political
Coalition Avenir Québec
Residence Castel
Religion Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance Georgienstine
In service 2018 - present
Rank Colonel
Unit Presidential-Guard of Georgienstine
  • Coronian Revolution
  • Rose Civil War

Alexandre R. Olivier I is a micronational politician and journalist born in Québec, Canada. A member of the Georgienstine First party, he has been serving as a Representative since 2018, Congressional Majority Leader since 2020, Secretary for Transportation since 2021, Head of Homeland Security since 2021 and Governor of Salem since 2021. He is the brother of President Raphaël Olivier.

Olivier was first elected in 2018 during the first congressional election of Georgienstine (then called Coronia) and at the time was the youngest person to have ever served as a representative in the country's two-year history, this has now changed as he is now part of the older majority. He was selected as Majority Leader in 2020 and was selected as head of the Georgienstine First Congressional Campaign Committee in 2021. He has been leading the Majority Caucus since he has been chosen as Majority Leader.

Olivier holds right-wing conservative positions, but he is usually placed in the more moderate wing of the Georgienstine First party. Even though he has few achievements as Majority Leader, he is mostly known for his defence of the French language in Georgienstine and his infrastructure bills. He is also usually criticized by high-ranking Georgienstine First members due to him not leading such strong opposition on bills that do not represent Georgienstine First's values and due to his Québec nationalist views.

Early age before micronationalism (pre-2018)

Olivier is born in Montréal, Québec, Canada in the Ville-Marie borough. He now no longer lives in Montréal, but in Southern Québec.

In 2015, not knowing anything about politics, but having better understood the effects of climate change, Olivier started supporting the Green Party of Canada. In 2016, he knew a bit about politics, but not more than most people, so after having read a book on Socialism, Olivier started to support the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Parti Québecois. In 2018, now better understanding politics, after having done much research and reading and after having established his Conservative views, Olivier announced his support for the Coalition Avenir Québec and the Conservative Party of Canada, he still supports them to this day.

Representative in Coronia (2018)

In 2018, during a vacation in Northern Québec, Olivier found out about micronationalism, he then applied for citizenship in Georgienstine (today Georgienstine) and joined the Conservative Party of Coronia. He was then elected to the National Congress a week later. At the time, he was the youngest person to ever be elected to congress, this has now changed since he is now part of the older majority.

During his first year, he passed multiple infrastructure-related bills and presented a possible constitution, which was denied by congress.

Congressperson and Majority Leader in Georgienstine (2018-present)

On the 24 June 2020, Olivier joined the Nationalist Party of Georgienstine and started serving as Majority Leader. He was selected for a seven-day trial period to lead the Majority Caucus since he was second after him in seniority. One week later, Olivier was officially Majority Leader.

Inactivity as Majority Leader

After a few months as Majority Leader, Olivier had started being more inactive. This is when the British faction of Georgienstine First began a motion in March 2021 to remove Olivier as Majority Leader. After the first few hours, it was obvious that Olivier would be removed as Majority Leader, but the President said that he believed that Olivier should remain as Majority Leader. The vote then ended with 0 ayes and 5 nays and 1 abstention.

The Defense of Marriage Act

Olivier was Majority Leader when the most controversial act, the DOMA was put up for debate in May 2021. Olivier then agreed with the President and the opposition that the bill only supported traditional "marraige", an obvious misspelling of "marriage", and that the bill was useless. He also later said that the bill should not be enforced by anyone or any department, since he said that "There was nothing to be enforced."

The Defense of the French Language Act

When Olivier drafted the DFLA in June 2021, he did not have the President's support, but he had both support from the Majority and Minority caucuses. He then proceeded to present the bill without the President's accord, this was the first time a bill by the Majority Leader was presented without the accord of the President. The bill is to be voted on in July or August 2021.

"NO" support for Salem Independence

Having lost the nomination for Governor of Salem to Louis de Blois by a coin-toss, Olivier was not allowed to run for re-election as Governor for Salem under the banner of Georgienstine First. De Blois was then elected but renounced his citizenship later on. Since he renounced his citizenship, Lieutenant Governor of Salem, Renzo Wessels was chosen to replace him. Wessels was selected as a joke by Olivier, but since he was Governor of Salem, he started a party for a non-existent Salemite independence movement. Olivier then went forward as the main defender of the "NO" side for Salem independence. Olivier hosted many rallies in Salem, including a march and press conference with Raphaël Olivier and Andrew Perdomo. He was then re-elected Governor at the next election, defeating Renzo Wessels.

2021 presidential election

Olivier denied his intentions of becoming President during an interview on The Mail with Amelia Brown, he also endorsed Raphaël Olivier in the days after he presented himself. Olivier was also one of the frontrunners for the second Vice-Presidential nomination, but Tom Mark was selected at his place.

Electoral history


Month and Year % Olivier Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
July 2020 57.1% Labour 28.6% 14.3%
September 2020 46.9% Movement for Socialism 28.1% 25.0%
November 2020 46.7% Movement for Socialism 30.4% 22.9%
December 2020 46.5% New Democratic Party 20.9% 30.2%
February 2021 53.5% Socialist Labour Party 30.2% 16.3%
April 2021 48.8% Socialist Labour Party 29.3% 21.9%
June 2021 47.5% Socialist Labour Party 37.5% 15.0%


Month and Year % Olivier Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
June 2021 46.2% PDSV 46.2% 7.7%

West River (Picklesine)

Month and Year % Olivier Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
October 2020 37.5% Mark (Green) 25% 37.5%


Month and Year % Olivier Largest Opponent Party % Main Opponent % Other
March 2021 100% Monarchist Party 0% 0%

Political positions


As most people in Georgienstine First, Olivier is pro-life with a few exceptions. These exceptions are rape, incest, damage to the mother and damage to the baby. During an interview on The Mail with Amelia Brown, he said "A fetus is a human being, are we really going to kill a human being like savages for no reason?"


Olivier supports agricultural subsidies and has also published multiple "Support our farmers" posters in Georgienstine. During a speech at an online convention, he also said that Georgienstine First was the party for farmers. Olivier also used to lead a Farmer's Rights Party in Freedonia, the party was only fixed on agricultural issues.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Olivier supports the vaccine campaign and national mask mandate led by François Legault, Prime Minister of Québec and believes that Georgienstine should lead both of them as well. He also criticized many of the heads of Georgienstine First for not taking the pandemic seriously enough. He has been treated as a "Covid freak" by some people of his own party.

Death penalty

Olivier hasn't much expressed his views on the death penalty, but he has said that he supports the death penalty only in the most extreme of cases. He also said expressed that if possible, rehabilitation is better than punishment.


Olivier supports capitalism and economic interventionism. He also supports the changing of the Georgienstinian Dollar to the Canadian dollar, but he has already jokingly said that Georgienstine should change its currency to the Canadian Tire Dollar. He also supported Emmeline Marino's confirmation as Secretary of the Treasury.

Energy and the environment

Olivier is a large supporter of nationalized energy, he believes other nations should take an example off Hydro-Québec, Québec's main hydroelectricity provider. Olivier also believes that climate change is a very important issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible. He has also said that he believed that he believes some congresspeople don't take climate change seriously enough.

Electoral reform

Olivier made it clear that his preferred electoral system was First Past the Post but has acknowledged that it wouldn't be the best system to be used in micronations. He believes that Georgienstine should change its electoral system in around a year.

Foreign policy

Olivier is a large defender of Israel, he believes that Palestine has no claim on Israeli land. He has also criticized the two-state solution.

Gun laws

Olivier believes guns should be more accessible in Canada, but he does support some very heavy regulations. He has made it clear that he believed the best method of self-defence was with guns. He has already said that the United States doesn't have enough gun control laws, but he has also said that he the gun control laws the Democratic Party was trying to pass in the United States were too much.


Olivier is a large supporter of single-payer universal healthcare, and supports the Affordable Care Act and the United States National Health Care Act. Olivier also wants to go into Ophthalmology when he'll be older.

Québec independence

Olivier believes Québec should someday become independent, but that now isn't the good time to have a referendum. He regularly expresses admiration towards people like René Lévesque or Jacques Parizeau.

Taxes on high-income citizens

Olivier believes taxes should not be lowered on high-income citizens. He has already said that people who make high incomes aren't necessarily rich.


Election Endorsement Party Winner
Quebec 2018 provincial election Jean-François Lisée Parti Québecois François Legault
Canada 2019 federal election Andrew Scheer Conservative Justin Trudeau
Liechtenstein 2021 general election Sabine Monauni FCP Daniel Risch
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Georgia 2020–21 senate regular election David Perdue Republican Party Jon Ossoff
Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Georgia 2020–21 senate special election Kelly Loeffler Republican Party Raphael Warnock
Armenia 2021 parliamentary election Nikol Pashinyan Civil Contract Nikol Pashinyan
Peru 2021 federal election Keiko Fujimori Popular Force Pedro Castillo
Canada 44th federal election Erin O'Toole Conservatives Justin Trudeau
Canada 44th federal election in Québec Yves-François Blanchet Bloc Québecois Justin Trudeau
Quebec 2022 provincial election François Legault CAQ-ÉFL Election to be held

Personal life

Olivier is a roman-catholic, his brother is Raphaël Olivier. Olivier wants to study in medicine, more precisely Ophthalmology and also wants to someday become a deputy in the Canadian House of Commons or in the National Assembly of Quebec.