Aikaterini, Co-Empress of Imvrassia

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Aikaterini Augusta
Βασίλισσα Αικατερίνη
Junior Co-Empress of Imvrassia
Co-Empress of Imvrassia
First reign20 August 2016 – 19 August 2018
PredecessorAggelos I
Second reign20 November 2018 – present
Heir apparentCaesar Stamatios
Born25 May 2002 (2002-05-25) (age 21)
Hellenic Republic
ReligionGreek Orthodox

Aikaterini of Imvrassia is junior co-empress of Imvrassia.


In the Greek alphabet, the time is written as Αικατερίνη which is properly transliterated as Aikaterini.
Ekaterini or Aikaterini (Greek: Αικατερίνη, Aikaterínē) is a Greek feminine given name. It is an original Greek form of Katherine and it means clean, pure, uncontaminated, pristine.

Micronational life

Her Majesty have an important role in the politics of the State .
Aikaterini is the oldest child of Emperor Aggelos and until her until her ascension to the throne was the Crown Princess of Imvrassia.
Aikaterini has an active role at the Imvrassian political life as Prime Minister and as Crown Princess since the foundation of Imvrassia. Although she had a very good cooperation with the monarch, and her father, she actively participated in the Dynastic crisis from October 2015 until August 2016.
After the end of this matter, Aikaterini proclaimed by King Aggelos as Queen of Imvrassia and co-monarch, thus transforming the regime of Imvrassia from monarchy to diarchy.

Monarch of Imvrassia

On 5 November 2016 the then King Aggelos abdicate from the throne in order to give the Queen the opportunity to plan her own political direction of the state and so Queen Aikaterini remain sole monarch. In a very short time, however, the reign of Aikaterini was tested and on 14 January 2017 Caesar Stamatios was proclaimed joint monarch of Imvrassia, as King, after the Goverment's decision and due to the fact that Queen Aikaterini had neglected her duties. On 29 December 2017, in a joint meeting of the Council of Ministers and the Privy Council had been decided to award the title of Augusta to the Queen of Imvrassia, as a result of the Roman influence on the political life of Imvrassia and Her Majesty kept this title until her abdication on 19 August 2018. From 1 January 2018 by Royal Decree Queen Aikaterini assumed the office of Chancellor and became and Head of Government, taking a more active role in the political life of the State. All of a sudden, and as an excuse, non-micronational obligations οn 19 August 2018 Queen Aikaterini abdicate from the throne of Imvrassia.

Post abdication and 2nd Reign

After her abdication as Queen, the Crown re-appointed Her Majesty as Chancellor (and from 13 October 2018 as Supreme Chancellor) of the State.
On 20 November 2018 at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, it was decided the replacement of the then King Stamatios as he did not respond to his duties. The Crown was offered to Princess Aikaterini who accepted it and returned to the throne. Her Majesty remained and the head of the Government until 25 February 2019, when she appointed Magistros Stamatios as Mesazon.
From 1 August 2019 Her Majesty was crowned as the Queen of Ionisia and formed a personal union between the two Realms. On 7 September 2019 Her Majesty because of her non - micronational obligations, appointed Despotes Aggelos as Regent and was temporarily left the political life. On 1 November 2019, the Queen returned briefly to her duties and decided to share the throne with her grandfather, Magistros Stamatios, whom he proclaimed joint King. It was followed a Regent's decision, according to which Queen Aikaterini and King Stamatios were named Titular Kings without a real power, retaining only the royal title.
On 1 January 2020 Imvrassia proclaimed to the status of an Empire and Aikaterini assumed the title of Empress and the official address of the Most Pious Augusta. On 15 May 2020 Her Majesty was also crowned Queen of Argadia and formed a personal union with Imvrassia. On 18 March 2021 Aikaterini honorably revoked from the the rank of Empress and received the title of Basilissa, ie junior co-empress, maintaining her honorary imperial position and the rights to the succession to the throne but without executive powers and responsibilities.
On 1 August 2021 was issued a decision of the Privy Council , concerning the members of the Ruling House and decided for them not to take government positions, but to assist the Crown in administrative matters in the provincial administration. According to this decision, Aikaterini took under her jurisdiction the Praetorian Prefecture of Elladia.
With a Chrysobull on 25 December 2022, the Crown awarded the title of Sebastokrateira of Argadia to Co-Empress Aikaterini, giving a new dynastic title reffering to an area of great importance to the State.
On 1 January 2023 by imperial degree Aikaterini appointed as Praetorian Prefect of the Praetorian Prefecture of Elladia.
On 16 April 2023 Emperor Aggelos issued a new Chrysobull and change the dynastic titles of Sebastokrator to that of Hegemon (from Ancient Greek ἡγεμών - hēgemṓn, “a leader”, from ἡγέομαι - hēgéomai, “to lead”), as it is etymologically closer to the nominal jurisdiction of the title holders.
On 14 February 2024 with Chrysobull it was decided to transform the dynastic title of the Hegemon of Argadia into a monarchical one, and the provinces that belonged to the nominal kingdom of Argadia were granted as the Hegemony of Argadia to Co-Empress Aikaterini.
The administrative division of Praetorian Prefecture abolished by Imperial Degree on 13 April 2024 in the context of administrative reorganization of the state and the co-empress took under her jurisdiction the newly founded Territories of the West. Also, according to the new administrative organization of the State, she is awarded the title of Wardeness of the West.

Official titles

Her Majesty Aikaterini, Co-Empress of Imvrassia and Augusta, Hegemon of Argadia

Η Αυτή Μεγαλειότης η Βασίλισσα Αικατερίνη της Ιμβρασίας και Αυγούστα, Ηγεμονίς της Αργαδίας


As Co-Empress of Imvrassia.

In Her capacity as Co-Empress.

Personal Arms of the Co-Empress Aikaterini.

Awards and decorations

Order of the QueenRoyal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra

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