Acts of Parliament in Bysalia

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Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom of Bysalia are laws passed by the Parliament of Bysalia. They are the primary means of legislation in the Kingdom and can overturn any other law (including previous Acts of Parliament) except for the Constitution.


Acts of Parliament are proposed in the House of Lords, where they may be debated and amended. To pass through the House of Commons, over half of all MP's (or half of all MP's together with the Prime Minister) must give their approval to the Act. It then passes on to the Monarch, who chooses whether or not to grant Royal Consent to the Act - if Royal Consent is given, the Act becomes law.


Acts passed during the reign of Adam I

Act 1 - Treaty of Hereford Wharf (Constitution)

Act 2 - Treaty of Hove (Foreign Policy)

Act 3 - Westminster Act

Act 4 - Name Change Act I

Act 5 - Human Rights

Act 6 - Parliament and Treason

Act 7 - States of Emergency

Act 8 - Defence of Palasia