2021 Tavil protests

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2021 Tavil Republic Election Protest
Part of the 2021 Tavil presidential election
Date22 March - 9 April 2021
(18 days)

Protests and riots were suppressed.

  • The Tavil Communist Council organized a coup attempt against the government on 9 April.
  • Hatred of the government grew due to the harsh intervention against the demonstrators.
  • Upon the demonstrations and reactions, the chairman of the Tavil Election Board, Benjamin Suel, resigned.
  • The investigation into Tavil Communist Party leader Racheal Juan, who started the demonstrations, for 'dragging the public into hatred and hatred' has been accelerated.
  • Due to demonstrations and protests, a state of emergency was declared until May 1 in Atafu.
  • Hundreds of protesters were detained, and hundreds were investigated and arrested for 'damaging state property, excessive resistance to the police, murder, injury, unauthorized and forced entry into the state building'.

2nd Government of Tavil

Government supporters

Tavil Opposition

Commanders and leaders
Hamza Samet Kaya
Adam Samuel
Quebec Saffhor
Jackie Madison
Sam Harry
Jean Harribal
Sam Oxana
Racheal Juan
Daniel Cendrick
Rory Leonard
Emy Jam
461 397
Casualties and losses
  • 2 polices died
  • 3 civilians died
  • 30 polices injured
  • 101 civilian injured
  • 6 protester died
  • 221 protesters injured
  • 189 protesters detained
  • 44 arrested
  • 2021 Tavil protests made by civilians between March 22 and April 9, 2021, alleging that the elections were held illegally and fraudulently, with the instigation of the Tavil Communist Party and the Tavil First Party.


    Tavil police while in front of the parliament building (2 April)

    On March 22, 2021, the head of the Tavil Communist Party, Racheal Juan, called the public to the streets, claiming that the elections were fraudulent and irregular. The protesters then marched to the parliament building in Atafu. Reaching the parliament building, the protesters tried to enter the parliament building and the police intervened with the demonstrators. Prime Minister Adam Samuel warned that elections were held duly and that the people should return to their homes.

    On March 23, 2021, Government explain, 51 people have been detained in the protests, 1 protester lost his life, 31 protesters, 5 policemen and 2 civilians were injured. Parliament speaker, Jackie Madison, announced the cancellation of all parliamentary sessions until April 1. Prime Minister Adam Samuel warned that the elections were held duly and that the people should return to their homes. At the same time, Interior Minister Quebec Saffhor announced that an investigation was launched against the leader of the Tavil Communist Party, Racheal Juan, for "dragging the people into hatred and hostility". However, while there is no statement from the president Hamza Samet Kaya, Tavil Democratic People's Party spokesman Mike Jeffrey told the Tavil Communist Party leader;'The elections were made duly and without fraud, and Hamza Samet Kaya won this election. You will be held accountable before the judiciary for calling people to the streets for something that does not exist and trying to destroy democracy.' [1]

    On 8 April 2021, Government explain, 221 protesters were injured, 4 protesters lost their lives, and 119 protesters were detained, 28 of whom were arrested, in the protests held on March 22, in front of the parliament building. At the same time, 28 policemen, 98 pro-government civilians were injured and 2 policemen and 3 pro-government civilians died. Investigations are continuing against Tavil Communist Party Chairman Racheal Juan, who called the people to the streets for "irregularity in the presidential elections". At the same time, Tavil Democratic People's Party spokesman Mike Jeffrey announced that in the coming days, a motion will be submitted in the parliament to remove Racheal Juan's parliamentary membership. The Tavil Communist Party then reacted very harshly to the Tavil Democratic People's Party. Atafu governor Sam Harry has announced that if the protests become more violent, he will declare a state of emergency in Atafu state and impose a curfew in Atafu province. While Interior Minister Quebec Saffhor declared that the protesters would not hesitate to use all her power if they enter the parliament building, Prime Minister Adam Samuel called on the protesters to "return home before this business grows more and more violent". In the statement made by the Tavil Republic Election Board, he stated that the presidential election was held duly and that Tavil Communist Party leader Racheal Juan condemned the people for causing hatred and irritation.[2]

    As a result of the protests, on April 9, the Tavil Communist Council organized a coup attempt to the country.[3] The coup failed, with 58 people allegedly dying and over 1,300 people being allegedly injured.[4]