2012 VMSB FA Cup

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The 2012 Virtual Micronational Soccer Board FA Cup was a football tournament organized by the Virtual Micronational Soccer Board, or VMSB, in 2012. Members of all continents were to participate. The rules were very similar to the VMSB World Cup Championships, and it was all simulated. There was no qualifying for the tournament. The tournament began in 2012 and was hosted by the Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands. The eventual champion was Ultamiya, who would defeat DES Senya 4-2 in the final. It was a great inaugural tournament for the VMSB FA Cup.

Qualified Teams

Flagofnarctica.pngGrand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands(Host)

ASJFHASL.pngKingdom of Carvadia

Noflag.pngNew Britanica

Skendal flag.pngSkendal

St Peters Republican Banner avatar.pngSt. Peters Republic

New Agnorr Flag.pngAgnorr

Kinsovean Flag.pngKinsovea

Better flag ultamiya.pngUltamiya

Montoshflag.jpgMontosh Empire


ColonyWestsylvania.pngWestsylvania Colony of Palmer Archipelago

Lostislandflag.jpgRepublic of Lostisland

Saxonflag.pngSaxon Empire

Flagofnarctica.pngGrand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands Micrasian Claim

Bendera Indokistan 3.pngIndokistan

Img003.jpgRepublic of Gerenia

Freeflag.png Republic of Freedomia

Senyaflag.png DES Senya

Pambia.png Pambia

CR Dallingrad.png Dallingrad


All competing nations for each tournament are required to name a squad of players. As of 2011, teams must name a squad of 16 players, two of whom must be goalkeepers, numbered 1 to 16.


January 2:FA Cup Draw

March 3: FA Cup Begins

March 31: FA Cup Ends

Knockout Stages

Round 1

Flagofnarctica.png NAPI 4-1 Pambia Pambia.png

ASJFHASL.png Carvadia (0)1-1(3) Freedomia Freeflag.png

Noflag.png New Britanica 0-4 Ultamiya Better flag ultamiya.png

Skendal flag.png Skendal 1-2 Westsylvania DCFlag2.png

St Peters Republican Banner avatar.png St. Peters Republic 1-2 Agnorr New Agnorr Flag.png

Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan (5)0-0(4) Napian Micras Flagofnarctica.png

Saxonflag.png Saxon Empire 4-2 Republic of Gerenia Img003.jpg

Lostislandflag.jpg Lostisland (8)2-2(7) Dallingrad CR Dallingrad.png

Senyaflag.png DES Senya 9-0 Westsylvanian Antarctica ColonyWestsylvania.png

Montoshflag.jpg Montosh 3-2 Kinsovea Kinsovean Flag.png

Round 2

Flagofnarctica.png NAPI 2-1 Freedomia Freeflag.png

New Agnorr Flag.png Agnorr (3)2-2 Westsylvania(0) DCFlag2.png

Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan 0-3 Saxon Empire Saxonflag.png

Lostislandflag.jpg Lostisland 1-2 Montosh Montoshflag.jpg

Senyaflag.png DES Senya - Bye

Better flag ultamiya.png Ultamiya - Bye

Round 3

Flagofnarctica.png NAPI (6)2-2(7) DES Senya Senyaflag.png

New Agnorr Flag.png Agnorr 0-2 Ultamiya Better flag ultamiya.png

Saxonflag.png Saxon Empire - Bye

Montoshflag.jpg Montosh - Bye


Senyaflag.png DES Senya 3-1 Montosh Montoshflag.jpg

Better flag ultamiya.png Ultamiya 4-3 Saxon Empire Saxonflag.png

3rd Place Playoff

Montoshflag.jpg Montosh 1-4 Saxon Empire Saxonflag.png


Senyaflag.png DES Senya 2-4 Ultamiya Better flag ultamiya.png

Tournament Statistics

Golden Boot:Better flag ultamiya.pngDaniel Shiavich:7 Goals

Most Valuable Player:Better flag ultamiya.pngDaniel Shiavich,Saxonflag.pngEppe Ezing

Top Goalscorers

1:Better flag ultamiya.pngDaniel Shiavich:7 Goals

2:Saxonflag.pngEppe Ezing:6 Goals

2:Senyaflag.pngJack Stables:6 Goals

4:Flagofnarctica.pngOmar Guillermo:4 Goals

4:Better flag ultamiya.pngCasey Kanovia:4 Goals

4:Montoshflag.jpgSylvain Molineux:4 Goals

4:Saxonflag.pngJonny Roberts:4 Goals

Pts Ranking for World Rankings

1st-250 pts

2nd-160 pts

3rd-110 pts

4th-80 pts

3rd Round-60 pts

2nd Round-40 pts

1st Round-25 pts

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