1st Flaradonian War

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The 1rst Flaradonian War or The Aristocrates War was the first real conflict in the History of the Solvo Sector.

Flaradonian Civil War

At the founding of the states which would later become the United Kingdom of Flaradonia, there were three states. The first and largest, the Sarahland Province, dominated the Flaradonian District, while the two other states led by twins Baron David Flaherty and Duke Jacob Flaherty conspired to increase their power. The Jacbonian-Davidistanian Alliance declared war and attempted to annex Viceroy Sarah Flaherty's state. The Alliance Royal Army and the Sarahland Armed Forces traded fire, with neither side gaining any real advantage, but the superior numbers of the ARA wore the SAF troops down and began to push them back to their last stronghold.


To attempt to save Sarahland from the Alliance and buy time for negotiations, Ambassador Michael Flaherty founded the Principality of Michaelae and recruited a few friends to form the Principality Defence Institute. The PDI forces, made up of mostly Solvo National Guard reserves, engaged the ARA, forcing them back from the outnumbered SAF and chasing them back to the Alliance boarder.

Union Treaty

Alliance forces signed a cease fire and met with Viceroy Flaherty and Solvoian Command. These talks, based on founding the Flaradonian Union to avoid another war, eventually agreed to accept Protectorate Status of the Solvo Federation, maintaining home rule but limiting their military. The effect of the war was Solvoian dominance of the Flaradonian sector, the founding of the Flaradonian Union, and the dissolution of Michaelae back into the Federation.