Solvo National Guard

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The Solvo National Guard, or SNG, is the only group of the Solvo Federation that is allowed to carry firearms except for wielders of a Hunting License.

Solvoian Technology

The Federation currently follows the Mars Conventions doctrine, restricting use of lethal force. Knowing this, the Federation has kept its most dangerous weapon, Hollow-Tipped BB Pellets, as a last resort reserve.

The Federations Weapons consist of:

  • Pressure Weapons: Pressurized water and NERF guns. Not very effective.
  • Chemical Bomb: A weapon under development. The Chemical Bomb is concieved to be a grenade which will explode in non-lethal but extremely annoying powder. (project placed on hold)  
  • Hollow-Tip shells: The absolute last resort of the SNG. Due to their potential lethality, the BB guns have been suspended from active service.

Military History

The  Solvo National Guard took part in the following conflicts:

Before Federation:

  • The Beamish Wars- The Beamish Family Clan often Attacked the Flaherty Residence. The Flaherty's fought them off with hoses, and counter attacked their complex through a side dock which was rarely defended. However the Beamishes had supperior numbers, even if  their pressure cannon was less powerful then the Fire Hose employed by the Flahertys. The Wars have never actually stopped, however the Beamishs rarely occupied their complex in 2009. The Wars are a potential source of a Gull Lake Civil War.
  • The Arnill Wars: The Flaherty's and the Arnills often fought with Water Guns and later NERF weaponry. The Wars never officially ceased, and are a potential cause of a Gull Lake Civil War.

Flaradonian War of Succession:

  • Battle of Sarahland- Davidistan-Jacbonia forces assaulted defensive emplacements of the Sarahland Armed Forces. Solvoian troops, under the Principality Defence Initiative, attacked the invaders from the rear, forcing them back into their territory.
  • Battle of Davidistan-Jacbonia- PDI and SAF troops attacked the DJRA, trapped in a room by a clever ploy. Battle ended with surrender of DJRA forces.

Solvo Vehicular Corps

The Solvoian Vehicular Corps creates, mans, and maintains all military machines of the SNG.

  • Assault Pontoon Lander: APLs are Navy Transports refitted from civilian pontoons. These can hold approximately a Cohort and their equipment, or a heavy gun platform. The Ships of this class are the SNS Accipiter and the SNS Dominion.
  • Recon Bomber Zepplin: A remote controlled aircraft currently under development, capable of carrying a warhead to target and dropping it. When Completed it will be housed at either the Flemming Military Depot or the Flaherty Navy Docks. (project placed on hold)
  • Mobile Naval Batteries: The first ship designed solely by the Navy. Wooden armor, small horsepower engine and a Heavy Pressure cannon or Motar. 


Solvoian National Guard Ranks

Triumvir General (Triumvirate council member, official head of the military and overseer of military sections. Major tactition)

Field Marshall (Brigade Commander)

Major (Militia Commander)

Captain (Cohort Leader)

Auxilary (Cohort Infantry)

Naval Ranks
Admiral (Oversees 4 Commodores)

Commodore (Oversees Flotilla)

Commander (Oversees warship)

Auxilary (also stationed within the SNG, Auxilaries serve as marines and servicemen)

Solvo Vehicular Corps

Engineer (oversees work team)

Auxilary (helps assemble, also stationed with SNG or Navy

Hyperoin Defense Network

The Hyperoin Defense Network is the main Solvoian Military stronghold on Gull Lake. Planning for the network began in anticipation of a "Gull Lake Civil War". Significant Improvements to the over all plan were made in response to the military agression against the Ohio Empire by the Social Republic of New Europe.

The general plans involve a Flotilla of Mobile Batteries, a watch tower network, and guerilla warfare. The plan has been critisized for failing to protect mainland federation territory, instead focusing on defending Solvo Island. The supporters of the Hyperoin project argue that while mainland territories could be easily swamped with troops, taking Solvo Island would require Naval action. The Navy can protect Solvo Island, and if the initial blockade fails, guerilla warfare would probably be in favor of the Solvoian Troops.

Solvoian Companies (past and present)

1st Solvoian Militia: The 1st has never seen combat. The 1st was created in order to combat a potential Gull Lake Civil War. The 1st was eventually incorporated into the Hyperoin Militia, along with the veterans of the 1st Flaradonian that remained loyal to the Federation. (standard organisation)

1st Flaradonian Militia: The 1st Flaradonian was created out of the Principality Defence Initiate. Veterans from the 1st Flaradonian saw combat in the Flaradonian War. After the succession of the Flaradonian Empire, the 1st Flaradonian was incorporated back into the 1st Solvoian. (standard organisation)

Hyperoin Militia: The Hyperoin Militia is centered around the Hyperoin Defense Network. The Militia was created from the 1st Solvoian and the 1st Flaradonian. (irregular organisation; see below)

  • Mobile Operations Unit (based on Naval Pontoon Transports. Rapid Response to invasion on mainland or breaches in the HDN)
  • Hyperoin Special Unit (based at Hyperoin Command, Solvo Island. Guerilla warefare against invasion of Solvo Island)
  • Hyperoin Flotilla (Mobile Naval Batteries. Resist Naval strikes on Solvo Island)