Empire of Yoko

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Empire of Yoko


2014 — 2015

Yoko flag.png
Yoko mon.png

土地が悟りを開いたとします (last)
(Japanese: Let the land be enlightened)
(Japanese: Kimigayo)
Capital cityOkinokyo (first)
Official language(s)Japanese
Short nameYoko
GovernmentSingle-party state absolute monarchy (2015)
- EmperorHiroshi (first)
Ueji Shirō (last)
Established13 April 2014 (1st Empire)
9 September 2015 (Shinmyo)
21 July 2015 (2nd Empire)
Disestablished27 June 2014 (1st Empire)
21 October 2015 (Shinmyo)
24 November 2015 (2nd Empire)

the Empire of Yoko (Japanese: 洋子の帝国; Romaji: Yōko no teikoku), was an defunct micronation in Asia. It is founded in 2014 by Emperor Hiroshi then re-established as Imperial State of Shinmyo by Shady Morsi, then established as Yoko for the second time by William Timothy and disestablished due to inactivity for around three months.


The word Yoko derives from the English pronunciation of the Japanese name "洋子" , which in Japanese is pronounced Yōko. The pronunciation Yōko is more formal, and is in Japanese used for most official purposes. The full title of Yoko is Yōko no Teikoku (洋子の帝国), meaning "the Empire of Yoko".