Woronora War

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Woronora War
Date6th April 2010 - 16th
Woronora River
Result Woronora Alliance Victory, disintegration of Vlizbark.
Republic of Jibbon
Colony of Iego
Commanders and leaders

Maj. Daniel Oliver

WO1. Brendon Cardy

Field Marshall Fowler

General Henry

80 Men

19 Ships
14 (est.)

The Woronora War was a territorial dispute between the Woronora Alliance and the Empire of Vlizbark during April 2010. The Woronora Alliance is a group of micronations centered around the Woronora River. Empire of Vlizbark, was a new micronation that established itself against the Alliance, demanding to have full control over a large chunk of the river. On the 16th of April 2010, the Empire of Vlizbark inexplicably folded and the war was won by the Woronora Alliance.


April 1: Vlizbark's ambassador, Captain Ryan, storms out of peace talks with Prometheus. These talks followed an issue with a section of the Woronora that Prometheus blocked from Vlizbark access.

April 2: 'Angel', a Jibbon supply ship carrying a cargo of wood and building materials, is attacked by two Vliz ships while traveling on the Woronora to Prometheus. Prometheus soon retaliates by dispatching a naval force to blockade the Vliz creek, making their navy useless. This is referred to as 'The Blockade' by the military in later reports.

April 3: An emergency war council is called by the alliance, where plans are drawn up for possible war, in case negotiations between the separate alliances fail.

April 5: Negotiations take place both online and live in neutral territory. At least four major meetings take place in one day. Although minutes were recorded, they have not been released by the MID (Military Intelligence Division). Shortly after the negotiations, James Skinner announces that they have failed.

April 6: The Vliz Navy attempts to break the Woronora blockade with an early morning ram attack on the frigate wall. Prometheus, closely followed by the rest of the Alliance, declares war on Vlizbark. Prometheus then dispatches an alliance fleet to reinforce the retreating Frigates. Official records divide it into three separate conflicts; 'The Blockade Run' when the Vliz Navy attacked the blockade, 'Battle of Portside' a conflict between several Vliz soldiers and Woronora forces. Eventually the Vliz forces retreat, and Prometheus is announced the victor.

April 16: After ten days of stagnation, General Henry of Vlizbark informs the Alliance that Vlizbark dissolved after internal fights. The Promethean Chief Governor then claims victory of the entire war.


Woronora Alliance

A group of local Micronations allied so their ships could pass through the Woronora without territorial issues. The Alliance is unofficially led by Prometheus. Other nation include Jibbon, Iego and the Woronora Principality.


A small, short lived nation that opposed the Alliance for several weeks after their ships were blocked off from a section of the river whilst military training for the new Iego Navy was being conducted. After arguments between Vlizbark and the Alliance, war broke out. Vlizbark died on April 16, 2010

Intermicronational response

Prometheus' international territories have thrown full support behind Prometheus and Jibbon.