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Tree epic.png
Motto: Ganriits, va elÞ stund string (English: Like roots, we all stand strong!)
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish,Greingretchen.
• (as of 2020 census) census
Time zone(CPT)

Woodwardia, also known as the Woodwardian Empire, is a state of Keland. The flag is very symbolic. The blue is the water of the lakes, and the yellow is the sunset. The tree stands for the people of the nation, and there roots on the nation. On October 2020, Keland adopted Woodwardia as a state, after the leader decided to dissolve the nation.


Fall of Calzechia, Rise of the Union

The story of the United Islands of America starts with a nation called Calzechia, which had begun to break apart. The people were going into debt, so its leaders decided to sell land to the nearest cities. It could give them the necessary funds to keep Calzechia going for about years to come, but they soon reached a point where they were on their last acres of land. The president then decided to give the rest of the land to his friend, James. James profited off the land by renting it out to people, and then he bought and rented more pieces of land. After a while, all of Calzechia’s former land was back in his possession. James changed the name of the newly reunited Calzechia to the United Territories of America.

U.T.'S Struggles

The U.T. was struggling. All of the people who always lived in calzechia were facing problems. Now the Desanora was worth nothing to the Citizens. The new government was also a monarchy with one ruler, who is the king. The ruler forced the people who lived there a tax. Taxes were not a thing in calzechias golden days. James(the current leader), decided that he should change to a democracy system, after some people decided to leave. He got all of his friends and family together, and together they formed the constitution, and laws of the U.T. . Over time these laws were changed and edited, but they are still used today.

U.T.'S Rise

It has now been a while since the country was formed. The country formed its capital near Fresno, California, USA. Its capital is Washington (U.T.). New Elections reelected James for another 10 years. Things were looking good for the nation. 2 weeks after James was elected, The country adopted another State. It adopted Republic of Macéyon. Now the country has 3 states, with 3 city's within each state. Popularity of the country also grew at this point. Also at this point in Washington(U.T.), people started to create businesses, and other companies.

The Communist Era

On new years eve of 2019, the president of the U.T.(James), took a plane to Japan. Once he arrived in Japan, he took a boat to Kitche. After he got to Kitche he took a taxi to South Kitche's headquarters. The ride got in a crash to the capital, and because he was too far from a hospital he died in the capital of South Kitche. After he died, the vice president(Jack Mendelev from Russia), took power. Jack Mendelev was apart of the Socialist-Communist party. In his first days of president, he fixed a lot of problems the U.T. had such as giving every state equal powers, and made sure taxes were separated equally. Mendelev also did a few things in his first week to such as making anti-communist partys illegal, and banning americans from voting in Kitche, and Meceyon. Overall though, Mendelev has made the U.T. a better place.

The Dictator Era

After Mendelev has made the U.T. mostly communist, he took on most government roles which made him a dictator. On 1/20/2020, Mendelev wrote a new constitution that allowed grand representatives to change the country's political basis. Some citizens went against what he was doing at this time, and called for impeachment. The impeachment process was ignored at this time. On 1/27/2020, documents were found on Mendelevs computer that showed that the last presidents death was planned by another micronation(disclosed at time). The document also showed that Mendelev was a citizen of the other nation. At this point the representative of kitche, called for impeachment, and on 2/1/2020 the impeachment process began. Right after the process began, Mendelev changed the countrys flag, and declared war on Somcow. Luckily the war request was not heard, and the U.T. was safe of war. On 2/4/2020, Mendelev was impeached, and the rep. of kitche became president, and the country was renamed to woodwardia.


In october 2020, Yoshi Yama decided to dissolve woodwardia, because People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills in early 2020 made some assaults against woodwardia in micro wiki discord which caused the country to lose popularity. keland then decided to take the nation, and its land. Now it is a state.


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