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Calzechlian flag.png

onorh orf owerp (Latin: Honor for power)
central valley, United States
Capital city Calzech
Largest city Calzech
Official language(s) English,Zech
Official religion(s) Christianity,Catholicism
Short name Calzechlia
Demonym Calzechlians
- Prime office Douglas Walker
- President George Micheal
Legislature Prime
Established 2010
Area claimed 23 m²
Population 42 people (in 2010)
Currency Desanora
Time zone (CPT)
National sport Soccer
National animal Hawk
Patron saint N/A

Government website

Main Info

Cazechlia is a micro nation located in the central valley of California,and has the population of 42 people.It is only open for tourists of U.S.A. Cazechlia residency number is 6 ,because of land lost.It is currently 23 square meters big,and was 1 square mile big in 2010. Calzechlia is a democracy.The main language is zech,and the currency is desanora. The country is both called Calzechia and Calzechlia. The website is . Calzechia is currently not a micronation anymore. It is now a state of the United islands of america.


The country is leaded by a president and the prime office.The president is voted in, and makes all the decisions for the country.The prime office is not votes in,and makes sure the presidents decisions are safe.It is the people who make the laws in the country, and the president and prime office makes sure the laws are ok. The current president is George Micheal, and the prime office is Douglas Walker,and Samantha Prime.


The main currency in Calzechlia is desanora. One desanora is worth 1 gram of silver. Two desanora is equal to 1 U.S. dollar. It is based off the silver standard, which was invented in a country that mined no gold,but mined only silver.


Calzechlia was made in 1984, with the first member(Mark Jackson), declaring his house as a country.That house was destroyed by a natural disaster, so the Mark moved to the central valley,bought some land,and declared the place a country in 2010.Much of the land was taken by the american government so now the country is only 23 square meters big.


The main language in Calzechlia is zech. Zech is based heavily on the English language. To say a word in zech just take the first letter and add it to the end.For example, hello is elloh. It has the same rules of grammar that English has.


Calzechlia does not have a army. It instead uses something called Hawk Protection. That is what it uses to have wars ,and to protect its land.


The time in Calzechlia is one minute behind pacific time.For example at 12:00, it is actually 11:59.