Winston P. Koala

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The Right Honorable
Winston P. Koala
Prime Minister of Franksland
Assumed office
March 19, 2019
Monarch Wayne I
Predecessor Office established
5th Chancellor von Lilylandia
In office
April 15th, 2018 - May 28th, 2018
Monarch Lily I
Predecessor Sir Bailey von Hindenburg
Successor Madame Blackberry (D)
Personal Information
Birth name Winston Paul Koala
Citizenship Frankish, British, German
Political party The Conservatives
Religion Church von Liliedeutschland

Winston P. Koala is a active Monarchist politician in Lilylandia. He is a member of the Lilylandian National Party and served as the 5th Prime Minister of Lilylandia.

Early life

Winston was born in 1952 in The United Kingdom. He lived in a poor family in the City of London. He eventually immigrated to the U.S. in search for a Job but could not find any. He then moved to Lilylandia and started his own business called "The Winston Oil Company" making a fortune selling oil to the Lilylandian Government and aiding them in the Charliyan Wars. He eventually ran for Parliament in late 2016 and won the election sparking his political career.

Political career

When Winston was elected to Parliament in 2016 he promised for economic reforms for businesses and complete loyalty to the Royal Family. He accomplished that goal. In 2017 Parliament passed the Economic Plan of 2018 allowing for small businesses to buy better equipment for cheaper prices from the Government. In 2018 he became Chancellor of Lilylandia upon the impeachment of Bailey von Hindenburg. His successor, Madame Blackberry, brought the end of the Lilylandia, despite Tom Turtleton saying his last words were, "Blackberry will save the country."