Vleshko Civil War

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Following The House of Kings Declaring war on the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic The House of Devils have decided to Succeed from the Vleshko Federations Baty1117 has ordered the Troops to Mobilize and Prepared for war

Lundener Civil War
DateJune 8, 2016 - Present
Result ongoing
House of Kings House of Devils
Commanders and leaders
Baty1117 Commander of House of Kings
Icicle Valley Commander of House of Devils

House of Kings 4

Total: 4

House of Devils 2

Total: 2

The Battle of Hills

This battle begun the day after the House of Devils succeed and the two Houses Fought on the Hill which neither Side claimed at the beginning of the war. there was no soldiers there to begin with but a House of Devil Soldier was Reported there Both Sides rushed there to take the High Ground. The House of Kings Took up the Right flank at fast speeds and won the High Ground the House of Devils on the other hand decided to Retreat.