Vleshko Federation

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The Vleshko Federation Is the First Micronation to have a Democracy-Faction Government The Vleshko Federation is made up of the President Which is and Ambassador, The Factions of the Vleshko Federation is The House of Kings are the Elite of the Elite, House of Wolves Spec Ops and Researchers, House of exile Recruitment and Commandos, House of Devils Normal people and army.


Dawn Era

The Vleshko Federation was first Organised by Baty1117 and a few of his companions on May 23, 2015 since then He has been taking a lot of the burden. They have taken the Morris Ville Province from the Colombian Americas. They also Added their Micronation to the Microwiki.

Blaze Era

The Vleshko Federation has set up a base and is now Launching Operation Freedom and has joined on the side of the Communists in the Lundener Civil War Declaration of war was sent 6/8/2016.

Civil War

With a War going on the House of Devils decided to try and succeed from the Vleshko Federations fighting Rages still more Information found in Vleshko Civil War.

Territorial Expansion

On June 12, Baty1117 claimed the Cascadia Province and the Mintia Province.


April 19th is Remembrance Day in the Vleshko Federation Remembrance Day is to Remember all the people who have lost their lives in wars around the world.

June 12th is Grad day for People who graduated from High school on that day.