Vice President of the Hamlinian Republic

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Vice President of the Hamlinian Republic
Official Seal

Since September 14, 2012
Style: Mr Vice President

Vice President XXXX
(diplomatic, outside the HR)

Term length: One year
Party: Vacant
Preceded by: Casey Hamlin
Succeeded by: Position closed'

The Vice President of the Hamlinian Republic was a government position in the Hamlinian Republic. The Vice President was responsible for being the President of the Hamlinian Republic's closest adviser and for pushing the President's initiatives. The final person to hold this position was Casey Hamlin, who ascended to the Presidency after the resignation of Daniel Stefanko.

List of Vice Presidents

Number Portrait Name Political Party Took office Left office Home state
1. VPHR.jpg Sean Hamlin Empire March 28, 2011 July 11, 2011 Hamlinia
2. Stefanko New Cropped.jpg Daniel Stefanko Empire July 11, 2011 August 1, 2012 Stefankostan
85px Casey Hamlin Libertarian August 1, 2012 September 14, 2012 Hamlinia
Vacant from Ascension September 14, 2012 Incumbent