Vadaska Independence War

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Vadaska Independence War
Part of Bosnian-Vadaskan border conflict
Map of 1st Vadaska Republic
DateDecember 2-December 5, 2012
(5 days)

Vadaskan victory

Vadaska.png Vadaskan rebels Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnian forces
Commanders and leaders
Vadaska.png Ivan Milovan
Vadaska.png Tomislav Sava
Vadaska.png Hasanoviç
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Adem
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Hasanoviç (changed sides)
33 17

The Vadaskan Independence War was a war for Vadaskan independence from Bosnia-Herzegovina and the creation of a free, secular nation. Bosnian nationalists call the war the "Five Day War".


On 1 December 2012, Ivan Milovan and friends wanted to set up a free, secular nation for Croats and Bosniaks but was opposed by local nationalist Adem and his supporters. Ivan set up an army to fight Adem's army. Ivan and Adem's forces started fighting each over. Adem ordered Hasanoviç (a good friend of Ivan) to join him since Hasanoviç was a patriotic Bosnian. Hasanoviç led a army called the Grand Bosniak Army. They defeated Vadaskan rebels in the 1st and 2nd battles of the Football Fields and the 1st Battle of Erepuk. Živko Izet led Vadaskan army's Jerket Division in the Battle of Jerket and managed to stop Bosnian forces taking Jerket, getting Vadaska's first military victory. Meanwhile Hasanoviç later found out Adem tricked him and became a member of Tomislav Sava's Football Field Army and fought in the 3rd Battle of the Football Fields. Tomislav's forces were failing the attack until President Ivan and the President's Guards ambushed the Bosnian forces. Most of the Bosnians were captured however 7 escaped with Adem leading them. Hasanoviç and his division of the army (The Hasanoviç Rebels) were ambushed by the remaining Bosnians and 3 Vadaskans were captured. The captured men were later set free after the a raid on a Bosnian prison. During the 2nd Battle of Erepuk on December 5, Adem and his remaining army surrendered after heavy Vadaskan attacks. Even though they won the war, Vadaska's independence was not recognized by Bosnia and Bosnian forces would continue attacks on Vadaska for nearly 4 more years.

Famous veterans

  • Ivan Milovan - president and founder of Vadaska
  • Tomislav Sava - prime minister of Vadaska (2012-2015)
  • Hasanoviç - famous Vadaskan general
  • Živko Izet - former Communist Party and Jerket SR leader
  • Adem - leader of Bosnian nationalist forces
  • Mirko - Adem's pupil who would lead nationalist forces in 2nd Bosnian-Vadaskan conflict