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Jerket Autonomous Republic
Autonomna Republika Jerket
  Autonomous republic of Vadaska  

Jerket is shown in red
Country Vadaska.png Vadaska
Founder Živko Izet (as Jerket SR)
 - Premier None

The Jerket Autonomous Republic (Bosnian: Autonomna Republika Jerket) is an autonomous republic of Jerket which was created after a political agreement that ended the Jerket conflict. It is part of the Central Region but is treated as a seperate province. Even though Jerket is no longer communist, it has kept its communist flag.


Battle of Jerket

Ethnic Croat Živko Izet (a friend of Vadaskan rebel leader Ivan Milovan) joined the Vadaskan rebels during the Vadaska Independence War so he could spread his communist ideas. Živko had previously fought in the capital Erepuk and other parts of the Central Region. Ivan gave him control of the small Jerket Division to liberate the Jerket region in the far north of the Central Region. Živko used guerrilla warfare to defeat the Bosnian soldiers stationed in Jerket and managed to gain Vadaska's first victory of the war. Živko stayed in the Central Region and took control of more parts of the region.

Jerket SR

After the war, Živko was called a war hero and was allowed to become a politician. Živko created the Communist Party (Vadaska's only political party) with 5 other people and tried to promote communism, some of the veterans of the Battle of Jerket were members. On 12 December, 5 days after Bosnian nationalists launched an attack on Vadaskan territory, President Ivan held an emergency meeting to discuss if there was any peaceful solution. Živko and the Communist Party proposed a controversial solution, giving the Football Fields region back to Bosnia in return for them allowing Vadaska to peacefully exist. Other politicians called Živko a traitor and voted to continue the conflict with Bosnia going. Angered by this, Živko and the other 5 Communist Party members planned a coup but were discovered and exiled. Živko and the Communists escaped to Jerket and declared the independence of Jerket SR (Jerket Socialist Republic). The Jerket SR was a communist country but was not recognized by either Vadaska or Bosnia. Jerket SR's independence started the Jerket conflict. During the Jerket conflict Bosnian nationalists invaded Jerket and took control of north-east Jerket. A ceasefire started in 2014 but Bosnian nationalists stayed in control of the region. In 2016, Bosnian nationalists, Vadaska and Jerket SR made a political agreement ending the Jerket conflict. Jerket SR was dissolved, Živko Izet was forced to step down and Jerket SR became the Jerket Autonomous Republic and Bosnian nationalists withdrawn from north-east Jerket.

Živko Izet

Živko Izet is Croat-Vadaskan-Jerket soilder/politician. He was a named a war hero by Ivan during the Vadaska Independence War and lead the army during many minor skirmishes. He agreed with the communist ideal and founded the Communist Party but the party was banned after it's support of returning the Football Fields in return for peace with Bosnia. In reaction he planned a coup with the other 5 communists in Vadaska. This failed and he exiled to the most northern part of Vadaska and created Jerket. He was fully exiled from Vadaska after the Jerket peace deal.