Jerket conflict

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Jerket conflict
Part of Bosnian-Vadaskan border conflict
Jerket marked in red. Jerket SR held control of most of the region throughout the conflict.
DateDecember 2012-October 2016
(3 years, 10 months)

Peace agreement

Vadaska.png Vadaska JerketFlag.png Jerket SR
Alleged support:
Vadaska.png Vadaska
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnian forces
Commanders and leaders
Vadaska.png Ivan Milovan
Vadaska.png Tomislav Sava
JerketFlag.png Živko Izet Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Mirko
27 6 14

The Jerket conflict was a conflict in northern region of Central Province of Vadaska between communist separatists, government forces and Bosnian nationalists.


During a 12 December 2012 meeting, Ivan and some other politicians were having a meeting over the border clashes with Bosnia] and how to end it. The communist party had the idea of giving the Football Fields to Bosnia however Ivan did not agree with the idea. Then-Prime Minister Sava started saying Živko is working with the new Bosnian border clash forces leader Mirko. Živko told Tomislav to remember he was a war hero during the Vadaska Independence War and he led the victorious Jerket Division during the Battle of Jerket. Živko and the others in the Communist Party were banned for there views for peace. He created the Jerket SR and started attacks on the Central Region on the 16 December 2012 in an act of revenge. On 12 April 2013, prime minister Tomislav Sava was captured by 3 Jerket rebels. He was freed and Ivan Milovan began planning a brigade to attack Jerket. On 21 April 2013, the first major skirmish began, 2 days later the Vadaskan Army were defeated badly.

Jerket-Bosnia War

The Jerket-Bosnia War was a war between the unrecognized secessionist state Jerket SR and Bosnian Forces that took place between 23 November 2013 and June 2014. The war began following Bosnian attack on Jerket SR militants in north-eastern Jerket. Jerket SR had claimed that the Vadaska Republic aided them however president Ivan Milovan said that Vadaska would never aid the communist rebels and shall stay neutral unless Jerket is occupied by Bosnia. The war ended with Bosnia keeping control of north-eastern Jerket but failing to conquer the rest of Jerket.

End of the war

Živko Izet and Ivan Milovan decided to a peace agreement. Živko Izet and other Jerket SR militants surrendered and got their Vadaskan citizenship removed but Jerket region was granted autonomy. Mirko (leader of Bosnian nationalist forces) agreed to withdraw from north-eastern Jerket and stop the attacks on Vadaskan territory in return for the Football Fields. The war ended in October 2016 and the 2nd Vadaska Republic began.