United Stonewall Republic

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United Stonewall Republic
Motto: tba
Musical Anthem: none
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: Antarctica
Area claimed: Garwood Valley, Miers Valley
Membership: GLBT people
Date of foundation: September 1996
Leadership: David Powell, founder
Purported organisational structure: Republic
Language: English
Purported currency: Dollar
Project ended: August 2001

The United Stonewall Republic was a proposed micronation created by David Powell from 1996 to 2001. Its creation was inspired by the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act, which effectively wrote discrimination into the United States constitution by prohibiting same-sex marriage and allowing states to disregard the Full Faith and Credit clause of the constitution. Shortly after the passage of the Act, several U.S. states amended their constitutions to include such discrimination. The USR, intended as a socialist GLBT homeland, was founded in response to these actions and was to be located in the Miers and Garwood valleys of Victoria Land, Antarctica, across the ice shelf from McMurdo Station.

In August 2001, the computer hard drive which stored all maps and documents pertaining to the USR, as well as several novels and screenplays that Powell had written, was destroyed. Five years worth of work was wiped out in a single mishap. This marked the end of the USR, as well as all creative endeavors by Powell, until after the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, when he created the Imperial Realm of Stonewall.

Powell's current micronational project is the Federated States of Antarctica.