United Micronational Republics

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United Micronational Republics
Coat of arms
Anthem: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
File:North America
Largest cityBlack River City
Official languagesUS English
• President General
LegislatureCentral Council
EstablishmentAugust 2011
• Census
CurrencyCanadian Dollar ($), US dollar ($)
Preceded by
Mobile State of Normalistan

The United Micronational Republics (UMR/United Micro Republics) was founded in August 2011 to unite micronational republics which had little attention or stability. The republics allow any micronation who wishes to become a state via a council decision.


The name derived from a hypothetical uniting of micronational republics. The name was put into action.


The nations founding may go back to the original Mobile State of Normalistan. This first nation moved from nation to nation in to learn from their governments and cultures. Later, this proved to slow down and slow the nation down. Although, the nation gained a stabler independent government, economy, and military. This became the foundation for the modern UMR in August, 2011.

War with the Glisean Empire

On August 8, 2011, after what is thought to be a rouse war with the USLSSR, the Glisean Imperial Army captured the Normalistani territory of Canadistan. A swift declaration of war on the Glisean Empire by the UMR followed, as well as a call to Canadian and Wisconsinite micronations for help. Later, a rebellion by John Peterson stopped the war and began the Glisean Republic. We got Canadistan back.

Government and politics

The UMR is headed by a President General, with a Central Council of state leaders. These leaders create laws, discuss the economy, admit states, debate on military use, and research foreign affairs.

The states keep most of their original government, but collectivize their economies and militaries. State laws may remain so long as they don't go against the Central Government's laws.

The Constitution may be read here: Constitution of the UMR

President General Elections

The President General is elected each year. The President General candidates may be an independent candidate, or join a political party. Anyone may run for President General so long as they consent to running and have a following.

The 2011 election will set the stage for the date of every election in the future. It is being delayed until another state joins and produces a candidate.

Political parties

Party - Position - Head

  • Conservative Party-Libertarian Conservative
  • Dictator's Party-Authoritarian
  • Liberal Party-Liberal
  • Socialist Worker's Party-Trotskyist

Foreign relations

If you wish to open relations, you must request it on our talk page and we will put it through the council.

Nation Notes Date Requested Date Accepted
Montosh Empire Requested via e-mail, first diplomatic partner August 7, 2011 August 7, 2011
Confederation of Awesome Former Normalistani partner August 8, 2011 August 8, 2011
File:Glise.png Glisean Republic Former Enemy, went through Gov't changes. August 8, 2011 August 8, 2011


The military of the UMR is a collectivized version of each republic's military. Although, the standard weapons are considered differing water-arms.


If your republic wishes for statehood, contact us on our talk page and we will put it through the council.

State Population Area Date Joined
Dictateflag.jpg Republic of Normalistan 10 2m sq August 5, 2011
State of Mu 24 10 mi sq August 30, 2011


Education is handled by the macronations we are within.


We soon plan to have a YouTube Channel and possibly a broadcasting station.


Many within the republics have great potential for acting. Others have taken to writing or drawing. Some play instruments and write songs.