State of Mu

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State of Mu

The Human Homeland
I, of the First nation
Capital city'Aina hanau
Largest cityMetoroporisu
Official language(s)English, Japanese, Hawaiian
Official religion(s)Bhuddism
DemonymMu, Muan
GovernmentMeritocratic Republic (UMR State)
- CheifDanny Shuko
Area claimed~10mi²
CurrencyUS dollar, Islander

Mu was founded on August 10, 2011 by a Japanese-American who was born in Hawaii named Danny Shuko. Shuko received his first laptop during the summer and created a micronation after hearing about them from friends.


The name Mu comes from the fictional continent of Mu. In fiction, Mu was the birthplace of mankind. Mu contained many islands in the Pacific, including Hawaii.


Mu was created by Chief Shuko on August 10, 2011. He got a few of his friends to join him in his new micronational venture, as well as a few mainlanders in California and family in Japan. A mix of Buddhist, Hawaiian and Californian cultures began to appear.

UMR Statehood

On August 30, 2011, Mu applied for statehood in the UMR after cheif Shuko met the founder of the UMR online, a few days earlier. He realized how uninformed of a leader he was and asked for some help. Cheif Shuko is running for president in this term's UMR presidential elections now, which are to take place on Friday, September 2.

Government and politics

The cheif of Mu is elected annually and has absolute power unless his people impeach him. He is elected for his merit and virtue. Mu is also now a state in the UMR.

Geography and climate

Mu's climate is tropical and has warm year round temperatures. There is plenty of rain in Mu.


All education within Mu is handled by Hawaii


Traditions are a mix of Hawaiian and Bhuddist customs, holidays and culture.


We soon plan to have a YouTube Channel.

The Arts

Many citizens have a great musical ear and artistic talents.