United Kingdom of Rytsargrad

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United Kingdom of Rytsargrad
Spojené Kráľovstvo Rytsargrad (sk)

2016Flag of Pavlov.jpg
Flag of Nedland.png
Flag of the UKR.png
Coat of Arms


Capital cityNovigrad
Largest cityLasov.COA.png Lasov
Official language(s)Slovak, English, Sernian, Lasvarian, and Narentian

GovernmentFederal Diarchy
- Co Kings Kristofor Zdračević
Vojislav IIrac
- Chancellor TBA

LegislatureState Congress

Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

'Rytsargrad, officially the United Kingdom of Rytsargrad is a self-declared independent nation-state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, with claims in Slovakia. Originally founded as the Kingdom of Rytierohrad. in 2010 The area of Rytierohrad became part of many nations. After the collapse of the Iryllian nations Rytsargrad declared independence and adopted a new constitution, establishing itself as a Federal Diarchy.

The country is a federation of 5 states The constituent states are , Srnska, Lasvaria, Krapina, Slobodarčka, and Narentia, and 2 cities Novigrad ,and IrylikovoEach state is governed by a king who have absolute power

Federal States

Flag Emblem Name Population Official Language Head of State
Royal Cities
150px 75px Royal City of Novigrod TBA Slovak, English, Sernian, Lasvarian, and Narentian TBA
150px 75px Royal City of Irylikov TBA Slovak, English, Sernian, Lasvarian, and Narentian TBA
Flag of Srnska.png SCOA.jpg Kingdom of Srnska 1 Slovak, Sernian Kristofor Zdračević
Lasavar.png C8AKWm4.jpg Kingdom of Lasvaria 4 Slovak ,Lasvarian Vojislav IIrac
Flag of Република Слободарчка.png Artist impression.png Principality of Slobodarčka 1 Slovak ,Sloberdarckan TBA
150px 125px Principality of Krapina 1 Slovak TBA
Narentiaflag.png Coat of Arms of narentia.png Principality of Narentia 1 Slovak ,Narentian Kristofor Zdračević