United Indonesian States (14th March 2018)

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United Indonesian States


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Better Be One
Capital citySL Base Mainlands
Official language(s)English,Indonesian
GovernmentFederal Republic (de facto)
- PresidentAaron Penyami
Established7 March 2018
14 March 2018 (Government)

The United Indonesian States is a micronation in indonesia, (currently the Republic of Pejaten)


The United Indonesian States of SL never officially dissolved, but it was succeeded by the United Indonesian States. it was an era of a buffer between the UISSL and the United Indonesian States.

during this era, SL never gained influence on the United Indonesian States. it also supported the United Oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia when it declared independence.


The United Indonesian States during 14 March was the most difficult to document, it almost had no information about the era. the only source of information came from the founding document of Beruise-Indonesia on the back, the document on the back showed oblasts of Beruise-Indonesia including the flag and emblem. one state, Materiki, was the source. it's flag was a mashup between the flag of Beruise-Indonesia and the United Indonesian States, which proves it's existence