United Carolusian Conference

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United Carolusian Conference
FounderCharles I of Ela'r'oech
Legal statusActive
PurposeExpand influence of Carolusianism.
HeadquartersDemilitarized Bayou Zone
Official language
LeaderCharles I of Ela'r'oech (Unofficial)

The United Carolusian Conference, formally known as the United Carolusian Cabinet is a group of members of the Bayou Sector, Heads of State of Louisiana based micronations, specifically those allied with Ela'r'oech and is not officially an organization or micronation. It could best be described as a sphere of influence or "bloc." Members include Charles Madgett, Cam of Lateritia, Andrew Perdomo, and the Dragon King of Naga. Established in early November 2021, this group of people came together to increase the sphere of influence held with Carolusian beliefs and ideals. As a Carolusian group, most members are individually allied with Charles Madgett and supportive of his micronational endeavors.


Though unofficial, the First or Zero-th Conference happened on 4 November 2021, when Charles Madgett, Cam of Lateritia, and the Dragon King of Naga spoke to each other. The Dragon King and Charles ended up getting along and holding another meeting with just the two of them to discuss Naga's foreign relations, policies, ideologies, etc.