Central Organisation of Uskorian Workers

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Central Organisation of Uskorian Workers
Uskorskt Arbetares Centralorganisation

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Founded March 20, 2010 as the Uskorian Council of Trade Unions
Headquarters Tyrshavn
General nature Trade Union and peak trade union body, Syndicalist organisation
General Secretary Charlotte Lindström (GPMOU)

The Central Organisation of Uskorian Workers or COUW (Swedish: Uskorian Arbetares Centralorganisation) was the peak body representing all workers in Uskor. It was a national trade union centre and a syndicalist organisation of 3 affiliated unions.

Affiliated Unions

There where three affiliated unions:

  • Government, Postal Workers and Military Officers Union - Regering, postarbetare och militärer fackliga (GPMOU)
  • Miscellaneous Workers Union of Uskor- Övrigt Arbetare fackliga av Uskor (MWUU)
  • Journalists and Associated Workers Union of Uskor- Journalister och associerade Arbetare fackliga av Uskorian (JAWU)


The objectives of Unions Uskor, where as follows:

  • The socialisation of industry;
  • Organisation of wage and salary earners in the Uskor workplace (within the labour movement);
  • The utilisation of Uskor resources to maintain full employment, establish equitable living standards which increase inline with output, and create opportunities for the development of talent.
  • Ensuring the democratic management of self managed business and companies.
  • Protecting worker safety in collaboration with the authorities.

Links to political parties

Central Organisation of Uskorian Workers was affiliated with the Uskorian League of Communists a communist political party in Uskor.

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