Union of American Socialists

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Union of American Socialists
Unión de Socialistas Americanos (Español)
Flag of American Union
Civil and State flag (top) Governmental and Military flag (bottom)
Coat of arms of American Union
Coat of arms
Anthem: "The International"

CapitalNew York City (de facto), none (de jure)
Largest cityNew York City
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Secular state (no official religion) Popular religions: Protestantism, Catholicism, Atheism
GovernmentFederal Presidential Democratic Socialist Republic
• President
Jakub the Unifier
• Head of Council
Jakub (interim)
EstablishmentJune 10, 2022
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (official) United American Dollar (official, unused) (USD or UAD)
Driving sideright
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/sf6WR49Dfd

The Union of American Socialists, sometimes the American Union, often shorted to the Union is a micronation established by 14-year-old New Yorker Jakub the Unifier who is serving as the first President as well as the interim Head of Council. The Union is officially bilingual because it believes that the Latino and Hispanic population is often overlooked in politics and in the United States of America, the macronation that the Union of American Socialists is co-located in. It does not claim territories that it does not control, however it does claim all of the members residences however has disputed control due to the fact that the parents and siblings of the members may not pledge their allegiance to the Union. Citizenship is admitted by a DM interview with the President through Discord.



The UAS was established on June 10, 2022 by the first President, Jakub the Unifier. The founding party of the UAS is the Democratic Socialist Party led by the President.

The First Venture of Diplomacy

Under the President's first government, in which he was the only leader of the nation, he attempted to create diplomatic relations with the micronation of Paloma on the 11th of June in the Treaty of New York-Paloma. The treaty was rejected by the legislative body of Paloma (the Supreme Palomans.) Their reason for rejecting the treaty is because the UAS "seems situationist and possibly claims the entire United States." The President later asked the President of Paloma what he meant by situationist, and that the UAS does not claim the entire United States. This message was ignored. The next day, the 12th of June, was when the UAS applied for, and officially joined United New England Micronations. This day was also the first day the UAS began to officially recognize other micronations.

Foreign Relations

Allied states

The Union of American Socialists is allied with 0 countries, as of now, but is a member of the UNEM (United New England Micronations)

Recognized macronations

This is a list of macronations the UAS recognizes.

Recognized micronations

This is a list of micronations the UAS recognizes.