URoK Civil War

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URoK Civil War
The URoK and its districts (yellow) and the claims made by Maudreyville (indigo)
Date31 March 2018 - 16 April 2018
United Republic of Kwajalein
Status Finished
United Republic of Kwajalein Kingdom of Maudreyville
Commanders and leaders
5 13

The URoK Civil War or Maudreyville Separatist Crisis was a military conflict within the United Republic of Kwajalein.


Maudreyville was an unrecognized breakaway state within the URoK that was founded by Former Education-General REDACTED and REDACTED. Following their claim of White Park (which was not previously claimed by them), REDACTED declared war, bypassing a vote as Maudreyville had made a hostile act. Following this the Kwajalein Provisional Army, or KPA, was established by REDACTED, with REDACTED as its General. Although it is an unofficial army, it is endorsed by the URoK's government.

The KPA (on the URoK's behalf) moved in troops to White Park on April 15. The following day, the Battle of White Park took place. The KPA (again, on the URoK's behalf), through fierce negotiations, was able to get Maudreyville to sign a ceasefire. A vote was said to have been being put through the Federal Assembly to phase Maudreyville out of the URoK by May 14; however, this never happened, and the Maudreyville separatists disbanded.