Kwajalein Provisional Army

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Kwajalein Provisional Army
Established 31 March 2018
Country United Republic of Kwajalein
Nicknames "Kapow", "The 47"
Previous engagements URoK Civil War
Current engagements None
General of the Army REDACTED
Lieutenant General REDACTED
General information
Headquarters None
Active personnel None
Standard weapon Water Gun
Standard assault weapon Long-Range Rubber Band Gun

The Kwajalein Provisional Army or KPA (known worldwide under the initials KZG, EPK, APDK, and KLJG) , is the unofficial military defense force of the United Republic of Kwajalein.


In late March 2018, President REDACTED abolished the military, citing a lack of participation and need for it. However, the next week the Maudreyville Separatist Crisis began. Although REDACTED reinstated the military, it was to no avail. When Maudreyville claimed White Park, REDACTED declared war and became the General of the newly formed KPA, an unofficial army created by REDACTED.

Although the KPA was vastly outnumbered during the Battle of White Park, it pulled through and was able to secure a victory. After the battle was over, and a ceasefire was signed by Maudreyville, the KPA was dissolved by General REDACTED until another military conflict should arise.

Command structure

The head of the provisional army is the General of the Army (often simply called the General or Top General, sometimes the GOTA or G.A.). The G.A. is often whoever declares war or proposed a declaration of war that passes. Under them is the Lieutenant General (LTG), who can be seen as a sort of "Vice General". The relationship between the G.A. and the LTG is similar to that of the POTUS and VPOTUS. Both are in command of the Commanders (CMD), of which there is a maximum of 3. Each Commander is in charge of a max of 2 Lieutenants (LT) who are each in charge of two Privates (P). This makes the total count of the KPA (when full) 47 members.


The KPA uses the following hierarchy:

General of the Army (Count: 1)
Lieutenant General (Count: 1)
Commander (Count: 3)
Captain (Count: 6)
Lieutenant (Count: 12)
Private (Count: 24)