Tsardom of Socratia

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The Tsardom of Socratia was a non-sovereign feudal entity that existed as a transitional "state" for areas of land that were held by the (then) Principality of Phokland but that were not yet "Royal Provinces". The territory was also the official "home territory" for individuals who did not live within the borders of Phokland but that were still full Phoklandian Citizens.

Tsardom of Socratia
Coat of arms

Mors tyrannis
"Lord Save the Tsar"

No Permanent Geographical Location
Largest cityCapitis (Phokland)
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Welsh
Official religion(s)Holy Roman Catholic
Short nameSocratia
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- MonarchTsar Sean I (Until Dissolution)
Established30 May 2018
Disestablished11 November 2018
CurrencyU.M.A. Voltaire
Time zoneGMT+01:00
National sportGolf
National drinkGreen Tea
National animalRoyal Lion
Patron saintSt Peter


The governing philosophy for the Tsardom of Socratia was Absolute Monarchy based upon "Divine Right". Thus meaning that the Tsardom fell under the direct control of it's monarch.


Being that the Tsardom of Socratia lacked any permanent population or territory, the nation held no form of military. However, The United Micronational Assembly provided limited military protection through it's coalition military.


The population of the Tsardom of Socratia was made up of existing Phoklandian citizens and the populations of territories held within Socratia. Therefore, all individuals who lived within the Tsardom held full and complete citizenship within the Principality of Phokland and (as such) were able to vote in Phoklandian elections.

Phoklandian Citizens Living Abroad

Socratian territory

"Socratian Territory" was the term used to describe an area of land that was being held in the Tsardom of Socratia.

Socratian Territories (at time of dissolution):

Name Territorial Flag Population Territorial Capitol Date of Founding Status
New Persia Newpersia.png 2 (Monarch's Second Residence) Lililand 14 December 2017 Shared Land
Italand Italand.png 0 (Uninhabited) N/A 2 October 2018 Was in the process of liquidation
Colandia Lithia.png 2 Katania 1 September 2018 Was in the process of acquisition (claim later abandoned)
U.S. Phoklandian Embassy PE.png 1 N/A 28 October 2018 United States Embassy of the Principality of Phokland (later dissolved)