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Trograd is an administrative division of Duaktoserija. It has 4 citizens and it is the smallest administrative division of Duaktoserija. Size is approximately 55 square meters.


Two or three days after the founding of Duaktoserija two presidents talked about expanding the territory. They decided to claim the house of the second president as an administrative division of Duaktoserija. Trograd has one factory that is called Trograd Factory. It will start producing things in January 2017. It will be the biggest factory in Duaktoserija. Second largest city in Duaktoserija is also in Trograd administrative division. It is Trograd city.

The name

In Serbian three is tri. Because three is on of the favorite numbers of the president the administrative division and the city were named Trograd. Also grad means city or town on Serbian.


There is one factory in Trograd. It is Trograd factory. It makes clay pots.


There is only one football club in Trograd. That is Trograd Company FC


There are two units stationed in Trograd. Two units are:

- 2nd Infatry Squad

- 4th Infatry Squad

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