Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija

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The Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija

24 November 2016 — 30th January 2017


"Only together, we can be bether"
"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
Capital city Peacetown
Largest city Peacetown
Official language(s) Serbian
Official religion(s) christianity
Short name Duaktoserija
Demonym Duaktoserijan
Established 24 November 2016
Population 13
Currency Serbian Dinar
HDI {{{HDI}}}
Time zone (CET)
National sport Football
National animal Lizard
Patron saint St. Michael the Archangel



The original name was Duaktoresija. That is because the president looked on Google Translate and translated the words two founders on latin

( duae auctores ).

In one typing error the president wrote Duaktoserija and that is now the official name of the micronation. Other candidate names were:





Duaktoserija was founded 25.11.2016. It was founded by two friends that wished to start a micronation. They wanted to feel like presidents of a real state. One of the friends was in the micronational world form June 2016 and he knew a lot of things about different micronations. Duaktoserijan constitution was written a week after founding the state. Duaktoserija has diplomatic relations with 6 different micronations.We signed a non-aggression pact with Coria 29.12. Duaktoserija has joined Union Against Micronational War 26.12.2016. Duaktoserija has also joined the Union of Micronations 27.12.2016 and have applied to GUM 29.12.2016. We are also a candidate member of Balkan Union. Duaktoserija was on the edge of war with another micronation. Friend of the president wanted to make his own micronation and to go to war with Duaktoserija, but the president stopped him. In January 2017, Duaktoserija started buying materials for Trograd Factory. That is because Trograd Factory is soon going to start producing clay pots. When the first clay pots are produced the goverment will be looking for other micronations to buy clay pots. Duaktoserija has ended alliance with V.A.R on 5 January 2017. On the 5th of January,2017 the Duaktoserijan TV ( DTV ) was founded. It will publish news on the DTV YouTube page. In January 2017, Duaktoserijan Virtual Football Organization ( DVFO ) was formed. On 8 January 2017 Duaktoserija joined Grand Unified Micronational as an observer member. Duaktoserija has also joined EuroSerbian Union in January 2017. On 13 January 2017, Duaktoserija got a new flag. It is much better then the previous one. On 24 January 2017, Duaktoserija has made alliances with Kingdom of Serbica and Republic of Filipolis. Also on that day, Peacetown has become a twin city with Farrar City. On 27th Janury, 2017, Duaktoserija applied for the full membership of GUM. On 30 January 2017 Duaktoserija merged with Farrar Republic. The name of the new micronation is United Republic of Farrar Republic and Duaktoserija. Duaktoserija will have autonomy.


Duaktoserijan was about 190 m above sea level.

Administrative Divisions

Duaktoserija had two administrative divisions. The biggest city and also the capital was Peacetown. It was located in Peacetown administrative division.

City Claimed area Population Mayor
Trograd 55 m² 4 D.Mihajlovic
Peacetown 130 m² 9 D.Golubovic


Climate data for Duaktoserija
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 21.7
Average high °C (°F) 5.0
Daily mean °C (°F) 0.6
Average low °C (°F) -2.2
Record low °C (°F) -23.7
[citation needed]

Goverment of Duaktoserija is planning to make a station where they could measure temparature and wind speed.


All values are approximate

Meta-chartd.png Meta-chartd1.png

Law and order

Duaktoserija has a constitution. Constitution is short, but it is the perfect constitution for Duaktoserija. Constitution is on Serbian language. Order in Duaktoserija is controled by Duaktoserijan Armed Forces If you want to read the constitution on Serbian click here.

Goverment and politics

There are four people in Duaktoserijan goverment. There are two parties in Duaktoserija. There are Duaktoserijan Main Party ( Serbian: Duaktoserijska Glavna Stranka ) and Oposition Party ( Stranka opozicije ).

There are four ministries:

Ministry of Defence - F.Mihajlovic

Ministry of Finance - D.Golubovic

Ministry of Sport - N.Golubovic

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - D.Mihajlovic

Oposition Party
Stranka Opozicije
President N.Ilic
Political position Right-wing
Official colors Red
Seats in the Goverment
1 / 5

Duaktoserijan Main Party
Duaktoserijska Glavna Stranka
President D.Golubovic
Political position Left-wing
Official colors Green
Seats in the Goverment
4 / 5

Duaktoserija is a democracy. Elections are held every 3rd year.Next elections will be on March or May,2017. Every citizen of Duaktoserija has the right to vote. Goverment of Duaktoserija is planning to expand to 6 or 7 seats in the future.


Ministry of Finance is planing to start producing clay pots. Ministry of Finance also plans to make progress in agriculture. Goverment of Duaktoserija is planning a national bank. Duaktoserija has two companies:

1. Duaktoserijan News Duaktoserijan News are a company that is in charge of informing the citizens of Duaktoserija. It was founded 27.11.2016. Part of official Duaktoserija website is for Duaktoserijan news.

2. Trograd company This company is in charge of making clay pots and selling them. Trograd company will also start planting cherry tomato in the future. It is from city of Trograd and it has not produced any clay pots. It was founded 26.11.2016. Ministry of Finance has sayed that this company is going to be the best company and also the company that is going to make a lot of money for the micronation in future.

Trograd Factory
clay pot manufacturing
Founded 26 November 2016
Founder D.Golubovic
Headquarters Duaktoserija
Area served
Key people
Products clay pots
Owner Duaktoserija
Number of employees


Main article : Armed Forces of Duaktoserija

Duaktoserija has a very small military. Military has four soldiers that use wooden battons as weapons. Ministry of Defence is planing to organize a military exhibition, because Duaktoserija is starting a defence industry. Duaktoserija is also looking for weapons. Modernization of the army is planed.


Orden of Friendship.png - Orden of Friendship All people that have helped Duaktoserija in many ways and that deserve something from Duaktoserija will have this.

Recipents: Edwin Farrar 27 January 2017.

Order of Loyalty.png - Orden of Loyalty All people that have helped Duaktoserija many times and that helped Duaktoserija in really bad times will get this orden.

Recipents: No one yet.

Order of the King.png - Orden of the King Only people that have helped Duaktoserija for 6 months or more can get this. This is the highest orden you could get from Duaktoserija.

Recipents: No one yet.

Foreign relations

Organization Date
Union Against Micronational War logo.png Union Against Micronational War 26 December 2016
GUM nlogo.PNG Grand Unified Micronational 8 January 2017
BU.jpg Balkan Union 10 January 2017
Microagpact.png International Agricultural Development Pact 10 January 2017

Alliances joined

Organization Date
EuroSerbianUnion.svg EuroSerbian Union 7 January 2017

Formal relations

Twin Cities

Farrar City and Peacetown

Unilateral Recognizions


Duaktoserija does not have any embassies in real life. It has one virtual embassy.

  • Virtual embassy on The Farrar Republic server



There are 3 libraries in Duaktoserija. All 3 libraries are in Peacetown. This are the libraries from smallest to biggest:

a)The smallest library is president`s personal library. That library is very small and has only 10-15 books. Five books are from the Discworld series and 3 books are from one Serbian author.

b)The second biggest library is located in Peacetown. It has around 70-120 books. Most books are form the 20th century. Most books are children books, but there is some books for older people.

c)The biggest library is also located in Peacetown. It is very big ( by Duaktoserijan standards ). It has around 140-200 books. There are all kinds of books in the library. Most books are about philosphy and other science things. There are also some books with songs, books about economy...



Date Holiday
1 Jan First New Year's Day
6 Jan Christmas Eve
7 Jan Christmas Day
14 Feb Valentine's Day
8 Mar International Women's Day
1 Apr April Fools
22 Apr Earth's Day
1 May International Workers' Day
21 Jun World Music Day
12 Aug International Youth Day
24 Oct Friendship Day
21 Nov St.Michael`s day
31 Dec New Year Eve


Date Holiday
April 16 (2017) Easter (Orthodox)


The official language of Duaktoserija is Serbian. Duaktoserijan citizens also use: french, german, other Balkan languages and english. Citizens write in cyrillic because that is the easiest way to write for Serbians. Some citizens write in other ways. All citizens of Duaktoserija know at least one language and some know 3 languages.


The official religion in Duaktoserija is christianity. All citizens of the nation belive in God and in Jesus Christ (on Serbian: Isus Hrist ). The official holiday of the nation is St. Michael`s day.

Science and technology

Citizens of Duaktoserija are very interested in science and technology. Duaktoserija is planning to make research center or university. Goverment thinks it will take a lot of time for that to be accomplished. President of Duaktoserija is still fighting for science and technology center. There have been some science experiments in Trograd and in Peacetown, but that were only smaller experiments. Bigger experiments will be held in Peacetown in summer in the same as the military camp.


David's Micronational Potential Index - 4-4.9

Billbrough-Miles Micronational Ranking System - Level 4

Matthew's Democracy System of classification - 3.0-3.9 "Fair democracy, needs some improvement."


All citizens of Duaktoserija go to local schools. Duaktoserija does not have any schools or universities. Duaktoserijan president is planing a university. Duaktoserijan presidetn is also writting a book. It is close to the end and it will be finished untill 20 January 2017. It will have around 60-80 on A5 size paper. Duaktoserija is planning to start a University. It will be called University of Duaktoserija. It will start in 2018.


Ministry of Sport is in charge of all sport in the micronation. Main sport is football, but there is some citizens that love basketball more than football. Duaktoserija does not have a football team because there is a small population and a lot of elder citizens that do not know how to play football. Some younger citizens of Duaktoserija play football every day. There are 2 very good goalkeepers in the micronation. Goverment has plans for making a virtual tournament. It will be talked about on next goverment meeting.

Duaktoserijan Virtual Football Organization

Main article: Duaktoserijan Virtual Football Organization

Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija
Association crest
Founded January 2017
Headquarters Peacetown
President N.Golubovic


DuaktoserijanNews.png The logo of the Duaktoserijan News

Slogan: Fast and good


Duaktoserijan News have their one website.They were founded 27.11. There goal is informing Duaktoserijan citizens.


Duaktoserijan TV has started on 5 January 2017. Duaktoserijan TV has a YouTube channel. Videos are going to come out every week. There will be mostly news in the new television. Email is

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