Armed Forces of Duaktoserija

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Established 27.12 2016
Country Duaktoserija
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Commander-in-chief The president of Duaktoserija
General information
Headquarters Peacetown
Active personnel 5
Standard weapon Wooden baton


The Duaktoserijan Armed Forces are split into the Duaktoserijan Army and the Duaktoserijan Reserve Army. Duaktoserijan Army splits into squads, platoons and companies.

  • Squad - 1-4 soldiers
  • Platoons - 4-8 soldiers
  • Companies - 8-20 soldiers

Duaktoserijan Army

1st Infatry Platoon ( Peacetown )

  • 1st Infatry Squad ( Peacetown, 3 soldiers )
  • 2nd Infatry Squad ( Trograd, 2 soldiers )

Duaktoserijan Reserve Army 2nd Infantry Platoon ( Peacetown )

  • 3rd Infatry Squad ( Peacetown, 2 soldiers )
  • 4th Infatry Squad ( Trograd, 2 soldiers )

Ranks in Duaktoserijan Armed Forces

From highest to lowest:

  • General - he is the commander of the Duaktoserijan Armed Forces. If there is more than one general,the general commands a platoon.
  • Captain - commands the platoon, if there are more generals he commands the squad.
  • Mediumo - commands the squad.
  • Soldier - normal soldier.
  • Recruit - does not count as the part of the military until he passes the training.


Duaktoserijan Armed Forces use wooden batons as weapons. That is the only weapon that the Armed Forces use.


Duaktoserijan Armed Forces did not fight in any wars until now. We will not participate in micronational wars that are stupid and childish.


Ministry of Defence is planing a modernization of the armed forces. Modernized armed forces will have BB guns and special gun machine that Duaktoserija is researching. Ministry of Defence is also planing to make a virtual military exhibition for weapons. That exhibition will lift the upcoming defense industry of Duaktoserija and will make Duaktoserija stronger.


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