Triumvirate National Press

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Triumvirate National Press
TNP resized.png
Triumvirate National Press logo
UT Department of Media
Articles released 3
Abbreviation TNP
Owner Universal Triumvirate Government
Proprietor Universal Triumvirate Department of Media
First publication 9 August 2015
Country of origin Universal Triumvirate
Total 1
Editors 1
Reporters 1
Jackson Eden
General Information
Distribution Online
Official site

The Triumvirate National Press is an online news reporting website operated out of the Universal Triumvirate by the government, specifically the Department of Media and its head (currently Jackson Eden). It reports solely on Triumvirate domestic news, so far describing recent Triumvirate diplomatic negotiations with the Kid United Republic and the Republic of Loquntia as well as the August 2015 senatorial debates and Major Executive Charles Sessions' re-election to the post of Major Executive.