Treskan League of states

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Treskan League of states
Flag of Treskan League of states
Logo of the Treskan League of States
Administrative centerImperial Capital District of Bresdin
Official languagesEnglish


Recognized languagesArabic Dutch
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Membership26 Full Member States 2 Observer State
• Chairman
Jason I
• Vice Chairmen
Eli I
LegislatureCouncil of the League of States
• Charter of the of the First Commonwealth adopted
26 January 2023
• Charter of the of the Second Commonwealth adopted
13 May 2023
• 2023 estimate

The Treskan League of states, formerly known as the TDC Commonwealth, is a micronational political association of 26 members states, and 2 observer state the vast majority of which are allies directly with the TDC Empire. The chief institutions of the organisation is the Council of States, which focuses on intergovernmental aspects of the League. The main objective of the League is to promote the common good. The current Chairman of the Leagueis its founder, Jason I of the TDC Empire. The League was founded to promote the idea of sharing culture and knowledge, and to work together for the common good.


First commonwealth

The TDC Commonwealth was founded on the 26th of January 2023 but later dissolved into in-fighting.

Second commonwealth

The second TDC Commonwealth was founded on the 13th of May 2023. Eventually the name of the commonwealth was causing some issues between certain members, so the name was changed to the Treskan League of States.


Member states

Micronation Location Date admittied Office
TDC Empire North America 5/13/23 Acting Chairman (2023-)
Democratic Republic of Boredesia North America 5/13/23 Council seat
Kingdom of Rudut Asia 5/17/23 Council seat
Oakforvian Empire North America 5/25/23 Council seat
Republic of Deseria Asia 5/26/23 Council seat
Seluvian Empire Oceania 5/27/23 Former Chairman (5/27-5/29)

Council seat

Emlynia North America 5/29/23 Council seat
Cactus Empire North America 6/6/23 Council seat
Opstandia Europe 7/8/23 Council seat
Provincist Republic of Schpecktenia North America 7/9/23 Council seat
Kingdom of Griftinia Asia 8/14/23 Council seat
The Republic of Houston North America 8/18/23 Council seat
Kingdom of Dragania Europe 8/21/23 Council seat
Krabenland North America 8/21/23 Council seat
Kiskenia Europe 8/23/23 Council seat
Socialist Republic of Abenia Asia 8/24/23 Council seat
Vinisakia North America 8/25/23 Council seat
Republic of Begana Europe 8/25/23 Council seat
Republic of New York North America 8/25/23 Council seat
Royal Republic of Candrea North America 8/25/23 Council seat
Constitutional Polyarchy of UncleJakeyjake Island & Colonies North America 8/25/23 Council seat
United Communes of Nodárija North America 8/26/23 Council seat
Communist Republic of Vogelia North America 10/26/23 Council seat
Communist Empire of Capeland North America 10/26/23 Council seat

Observer states

Micronation Location Date admittied Office
The Elias Republic North America 8/25/23 None
Unitary Republic of Turisa North America 11/24/23 None
Holstonian Empire North America
4/1/24 None

Former members

Former nations

Micronation Location Date admittied Date of exit Reason for exit
Empire of Arkhia Asia 5/13/23 5/27/23 Was removed for Declaring war on the Seluvian Empire.
Midwestern Republic North America 6/29/23 6/30/23 Dissolution.
Democratic Republic of Vanersia North America 5/13/23 7/22/23 Pulled out due to the Cornland Conflict.
Frydiligur North America 7/22/23 8/20/23 Pulled out due to the shift of focus in the League.
Pine Union North America 5/13/23 8/24/23 Voted to be removed due to imminent dissolution.
Empire of Som Europe 8/25/23 9/16/23 Dissolution.
State of Samizdat Europe 8/25/23 1/26/24 Announcement
Rusilkian Federation North America 8/24/23 4/8/24 Pulled out due to start of the Rusilkian Security Alliance.