Toristani - Jackistani War

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War Between Toristan and Jackistan
A tongue-in-cheek representation of the Grand High Autocrat and Dictator of Jackistan, Jackson Smurthwaite, produced by Jocistani state media. He is widely seen as responsible for the conflict.
DateMid-March 2018 - Early April 2018
Result Compromise peace treaty brokered by Jocistan, followed by greatly improved relations and alliance.
Jackistani Flag.PNG Jackistani Army
Flag of Punistan.PNG Diplomatic Support from Punistan
Toristani flag.PNG Toristani Army
Official Empire Flag.png Diplomatic Support from British Empire
Commanders and leaders
Jackistani Flag.PNG H.M.E. the Grand High Autocrat and Dictator of Jackistan, Jackson Smurthwaite Toristani flag.PNG H.R.I.M. Emperor Torin the Great of Toristan, King of Pecuniam
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Between mid-March 2018 and early April 2018, the Empire of Toristan and Autocracy of Jackistan were at war.

Outbreak of Hostilities

In mid-March 2018, having been inspired by Jocistan, the nations of the Autocracy of Jackistan and the Empire of Toristan both declared their independence from Great Britain. Both allied with Jocistan, and supported Jocistan in its war with I Do Not Like Jocistan. Due to Jackistan's war-like nature, and due to the personal rivalry between Jackistan's Grand High Autocrat and Dictator and Toristan's Emperor, Jackistan declared war on Toristan in mid-March 2018.

Early Days of Conflict

Initial Jackistani Gains

At the start of the conflict, Jackistan made considerable gains, with Toristan's poor tactics and smaller, worse trained force suffering several humiliations. For a time, it looked as if Jackistan had won the war. However, Emperor Torin the Great of Toristan refused to surrender, claiming to be inspired by Winston Churchill's actions as British Prime Minister in 1940.

Development of Stalemate

Due to Toristan's perseverance, Toristani forces did eventually manage to hold back the Jackistani advance, leading to the development of a stalemate that would last for the rest of the conflict. Despite, the lull in military activity, the enmity between the nations - and between their leaders - intensified a great deal.

International Reaction to Conflict

The conflict provoked international reaction, with many countries choosing sides.

British Empire Support for Toristan

The British Empire, when informed by the Jocistani government of the conflict, declared its diplomatic support for Toristan, on the grounds that it saw Jackistan as the aggressor, which is largely correct, as Jackistan had declared war without prior provocation. However, Imperial support did nothing to help Toristan, as the British Empire refused to intervene militarily at all, and was unable to supply arms to the Toristanis.

Punistani Support for Jackistan

Having declared independence in early April 2018 during the conflict as an informal ally of Jocistan and Jackistan,the Republic of Punistan declared its diplomatic support for Jackistan in the conflict. Like in the case of the British Empire's support for Toristan, Punistani backing of Jackistan never amounted to anything more than words.

Jocistani Neutrality

The Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan, meanwhile, adopted a policy of neutrality, on the grounds that it had formal alliances with both belligerents, and aimed to bring the two sides into negotiations. Toristan accepted these proposals, but Jackistan refused to negotiate. The result of this was that despite the continuation of official neutrality, Jocistan was marginally more sympathetic to the Toristanis.

Resolution of Conflict

The conflict was eventually resolved through Jocistani diplomacy, with Jocistan's Supreme Leader and Premier for Life personally forcing the two sides into negotiations, by making it clear that Jocistan would go to war with both nations if they did not settle the conflict peacefully. Surprisingly, relations between Toristan and Jackistan rapidly warmed for little clear reason, eventually resulting in a peace treaty which included clauses that created a military alliance between Toristan and Jackistan.