Autocracy of Jackistan

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Autocracy of Jackistan
Jackistani Flag.PNGJackistani Coat of Arms.PNG

Sport and War!
Durham, United Kingdom
Capital cityFamburg
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular (de facto)
Short nameJackistan
- Grand High AutocratJackson Smurthwaite
- DictatorJackson Smurthwaite
EstablishedMarch 2018
Population5 (approx.)
CurrencyJocistani Theta
Time zoneGMT

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Jackistan is a militaristic dictatorship with socialist tendencies that claims one bedroom. It values sport, war, and vibrancy. Jackistani culture is based around militarism, discipline, and comradeship. Jackistan's mighty leader is His Most Excellency the Grand High Autocrat and Dictator, Jackson Smurthwaite. It consists of one bedroom and half of a chair. The British Empire and Jocistan have been given the right to military access in Jackistani territory.

Foreign Relations

Jackistan recognises all U.N. member and observer states, as well as the Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan, the Republic of Punistan, and the Empire of Toristan. Due to Jackistan's warlike nature, it has fought several wars, including against the Republic of I Do Not Like Jocistan, in alliance with Jocistan. Having destroyed that nation, Jackistan and Jocistan partitioned it equally, with Jackistan incorporating its half into its claim (hence the half - chair). It is allied with Jocistan and Toristan, and has good relations with Punistan.


Inspired by the creation of Jocistan, Jackistan was founded in mid - March 2018. The exact date is currently unknown, but could potentially be obtained. It was recognised by Jocistan, and when Jocistan was attacked by the I Do Not Like Jocistanis, Jackistan intervened on the Jocistani side. Shortly afterwards, Jocistan and Jackistan formally allied. Jackistan proceeded to declare war on the Empire of Toristan, but the war rapidly developed into a stalemate. Eventually, Jocistan persuaded the two nations to sing an armistice, followed by a peace treaty. Relations between Jackistan and Toristan rapidly improved, culminating in a three - way alliance between Jackistan, Jocistan, and Toristan.