Third Parliament of Überstadt

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The Third Parliament of Überstadt was the session of Überstadt's parliament serving from October 2012 through March 2013. It was led by a Renaissance-Cat coalition under Prince Aaron as Prime Minister. This session was known for being the most politically active, passing nine laws.


The Third Parliament was elected 18 October 2012, with the customary early ballots of the Royal Family cast the night before. Polls were open in Hawk City until 2:00 PM local time, and absentee ballots were accepted for another hour. A record 60% voter turnout occurred, almost entirely consisting of ballots cast in person. Prince Aaron (Renaissance) received one third of all votes, as did Daniel of Korea (Fascist). Sir Michael of Edmount (Cat) received two ninths of the vote, and outgoing Prime Minister Theron of Edmount (CDP) lost with one ninth. A coalition was quickly formed between the Cat Party and Renaissance Party.

Selected legislation


The first law passed by the Third Parliament was Überstadt's first ever budget. This budget levied a head tax of one dollar on active citizens and an additional tax on businesses utilizing natural resources. A quarter of all spending was allocated to His Majesty's Navy, and more than 30% was allocated to the Überstadti Blue Cross to be sent abroad as foreign aid. The remainder of all spending was granted to the Ministry for Culture to commission national artists and fund patriotic celebrations. The bill was passed unanimously.

Day of the Sandwich Act

This act created the first Überstadti holiday adopted by statute. The Day of the Sandwich and related festivities were created to promote native cuisine. A major part of the festival mandated by the act is a sandwich-making contest judged by criteria of skill and aristry. It was also declared that every citizen who eats a sandwich in Überstadt on the holiday is to receive a personal letter from the king thanking them for their role in contributing to national cuisine. The bill was passed unanimously. The festivities ordered by this act were never carried out, leading to a series of complaint against the government by King Adam.

Constitutional amendments

The second amendment to the Kingdom's constitution extended the parliamentary term length to six months, allowing more time for a government to enact laws. It passed unanimously in December 2012. The third amendment was passed unanimously on 4 March 2013, and significantly modified the political system. The monarch was granted the authority to rule by decree, but Acts of Parliament were given absolute precedence over decrees. The definition of citizenship became a question of simple legislation, and Parliament obtained full sovereignty. Additionally, a constitutional court, known as the High Chancery, was established.

Von Friedech Market Act

The Von Friedech Market Act established the Free Public Market, a public marketplace that facilitates free internal trade within Überstadt. It was intended to encourage the development of the private sector. Any Überstadti citizen or business may become a member of the market. The bill passed unanimously.