Überstadti Blue Cross

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Überstadti Blue Cross
Logo of the Blue Cross Movement

Headquarters Hawk City

Type Humanitarian
Secretary-General Adam I

Founded 2012
Charter Gotenburg Convention
Treaty of Jucaresti

Official Colours Blue & White

The Überstadti Blue Cross is a humanitarian government organization operated by the crown of the Kingdom of Überstadt. It is a subsidiary of the Intermicronational Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement. Überstadti Blue Cross was founded in May 2012 to fulfill Überstadt's obligations as a signatory of the Treaty of Jucaresti. It is through the Blue Cross that Überstadt delivers foreign aid.

The main source of Blue Cross funding is taxation. Überstadt's proposed budget allocates 31.25% of all revenue spending to the institution, making up the largest single category of government spending in the Kingdom.