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Suwarnakarta Institute Response

Indonesian micronationalism are in shock as we receive this horrible news. Tian Abdurrahman is no longer with us. Indonesian micronationalism are in a great loss.

I will never forget all of these time together with him. Our first encounter in 2011 will always stay in my mind, his contribution when he was Indokistani citizen will be always remembered, his effort to rebuild Arkapore after he declared separation from Indokistan in 2014 will be in our heart. He already showed us an example on how to be committed to something, he poured all contents of his heart and mind to it. His perseverance to preserve local cultures also something that we will always remember.

Tian Abdurrahman was not only a respected leader of one great micronation of Arkapore, Tian was my personal friend. Our friendship has lasted for years. Despite on personal differences, Tian is always a great friend of mine. We've successfully exchanged letters years ago, I will never forget it! You may underestimate this achievement, but at that time, when we both have a scarce asset and limited resource, it is one great feat of both of us.

Tian, you are no longer in pain. May you rest in peace and all of your good deeds is accepted by the Almighty God. May his family be strengthen to accept this loss. May Indonesian micronationalism always remember his good deed to us. Let his good be our inspiration, and let his mistake be forgiven.

Suwarnakarta Institute Chairman, Nabil Ihsan

Message of Condolence of behalf of the LSN

We in the League of Simulationist Nations feel horrible about the passing of Mr. Abdurrahman. He was a man of great virtue and will go down in history as one of the micronational community's greatest faces.

Charles Ross, Secretary General of the LSN

Message of Condolences on behalf of the Grand Unified Micronational

The loss of a fellow micronationalist at such a young age is a tragedy. His role in the Indonesian community is respected by all and he will surely be missed. The GUM offers its condolences to all his friends, family and loved ones.

Bradley, Duke of Dullahan, Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational

Eulogy by the President of UDR Excellent

Indonesian micronationalism has lost one of its giants. The Leader of the See of Arkapore, Tian Abdurahman, had passed away yesterday.

I am personally shocked to hear the news. He was one of my closest friends in this realm of micronationalism. He had great international relations with micronational community outside Indonesia and I am sure he would be remembered as I remember him; idealist, sociable, and religious.

He was a man of honourable personal qualities, with a weird penchant of rankings and a bad, but understandable English. To say that he had a weird penchant of rankings is an understatement. He was an advocate of rankings; something I had never fully understood during his lifetime. When I first saw his first set of table of rankings I truly was offended. He put his nation first! But he kept on posting those galvanised rankings.

I might not understand his intention to do the rankings. I might never understand it at all. But surely, his rankings will live up to memory of me and my colleagues in Indonesian micronationalism.

One day, he asked me to correct his grammar for his study assignment. As notoriously as it is, he could not stand corrected for his English, even by me who, by a chance, end up studying English in university. He always sought compromise about it.

Some time after, I heard that he started an English Club in his university and I am proud to hear that. It certainly was a testament of his character: a person of great curiosity, an ever-learner, and a good man of knowledge.

One of the most trivial thing of the friendship I had with him turned out to be the most poignant. We had a WhatsApp conversation about steamed banana. It turned out to be the last conversation I had with him, because the next time I contacted his phone number, it was to ask confirmation about his death.

I might never meet him personally, but he inspired me so much. He was a good man.

May he rest in peace.

Theodorus Diaz Praditya, President of the of the United Democratic Republic of Excellent, Chairman of Association of Indonesian Micronations

DzExc (talk) 05:19, 10 September 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Farewell and thank you to Tian from the Sydney Co-Prosperity Sphere

Tian was not just influential, he was inspiring. He inspired more than one of the leaders of the current SCPS, and will continue to inspire for along time. He was not just an important figure in Indonesia, but in Australia, South East Asia and the entirety of the micronational world. The King of Conghaleigh payed his respects this week, and the Empress of Etukan also gave her condolences publicly as well as he officials of the SCPS. Tian, thank you. Empress Steinbeck (talk) 11:38, 10 September 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Personal eulogy by the President of St. John

Our condolences for the demise of the Chairman of Arkapore. May the family, friends and all Arkaporeans left behind be comforted.

— Official Twitter account of the Republic of St. John

Hearing the news about his demise greatly made all of us, including myself, shocked and sad. Tian was a great and influential figure in the Indonesian micronational community.

I remember when I first met him on MicroWikia in 2012, when he made an article about his country. Two years later, my nation began a diplomatic relations with his country. But unfortunately, when a conflict occurred in the AIM Quorum (caused by my immaturity), my relationship with Tian (along with other AIM members) was strained. In 2019, I rejoined AIM in hope to reconcile with the members at AIM (especially with Nabil and Tian) and to restore relations between St. John and Arkapore. But unfortunately, he passed away before I could restore my relation with him.

Perhaps my relationship with him is not very good, but he is able to inspire us with his firm attitude.

Rest in peace, Tian. --His Excellency the President of St. John (talk page) 12:22, 11 September 2019 (UTC); Revised 3 July 2021.Reply[reply]


Rest In Peace, Tian.

-a fellow Indonesian.