Taihan-Ryukyuan War

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Taihan-Ryukyu War
Date: 15 June 2015 - ongoing
Location: East China Sea and South China Sea
Result: -
Territorial changes: -

Flag of Taihan.png Empire of Taihan
Flag of Shurigawa.png Greater Shurigawan Empire
HaoTrangsImperialstandard.png Kingdom of Haồ Trầng

Flag of Ryukyu.png Ryukyu Empire
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam.png Empire of Vietnam

Commanders and leaders

Flag of Taihan.png Emperor Hongde
Flag of Taihan.png Prince Zhansheng
Flag of Taihan.png Barbara Zhang
Flag of Taihan.png Po Xiu
Flag of Taihan.png Wong Baokong
Flag of Shurigawa.png Azami Empress
Flag of Shurigawa.png Aya Hamamoto
Flag of Shurigawa.png Toshiko Fukoku
Flag of Shurigawa.png Akuro Takahama
Flag of Shurigawa.png Han Zarkei
Flag of Shurigawa.png Hachiro Kaito
Flag of Shurigawa.png Taiku Sakai
HaoTrangsImperialstandard.png King Hồ Nguyễn Trọng

Flag of Ryukyu.png Empress Shō Yukie
Flag of Ryukyu.png Aiko Ito
Flag of Ryukyu.png Aguri Sato
Flag of Ryukyu.png Akane Sakurako
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam.png Emperor Hoa Lan Chi
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam.png Mai Thu Minh

Casualties and losses

The Taihan-Ryukyu War (in Shurigawa known as the War of the Four Empires) (15 June 2015 – ongoing) is currently fought between the Empire of Taihan and the Ryukyu Empire, primarily over control of the Senkaku Islands and small uninhabited islands that are surrounding Taihan located near Hong Kong.

Taihan fought the Ryukyu Empire, with help from Shurigawa. and Haồ Trầng The Ryukyu Empire fought with support from the Empire of Vietnam.